I'm alive!!

Hey guys, sorry for the INSANE delays in posting, updates are going to be very sluggish for the next two months as school has been driving me insane. I'm graduating a semester early, which means that I need to cram all my classes for my double major in one semester. I've been passing my time with studying and freaking out about unfinished work. Needless to say my days have been spent at the library laboring over economic philosophy or in the darkroom developing prints for class. I did allow myself to celebrate for a few hours on Halloween, and here's my DIY costume that I threw together the day of!

And here's some shots of my friends that I took for my film photography class:

Iam really REALLY going to try and post sometime in the next month, but if I don't it's probably because I've retreated to an unexplored corner of the library and cut myself off from the real world. :(

Editorial of the Week: Julia Jamil by Davy Linggar

Man. This is why I love international fashion magazines. Who knew Harpers Bazaar Indonesia is such a gem? While it's undeniable that Kate Moss & Testino are a super-duo, its quite refreshing to see some new faces and emerging talent.

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I don't sleep I don't sleep I don't sleep till it's light

(H&M tank, Target plaid shirt & jean blouse, F21 shorts & tights, Etam oxfords )

I've been living in some deviation of this outfit for the past week. The weather is rather odd here - hot one moment, cold the next, and my excessive layering makes it easy to adjust to the fluctuating temperatures.

Now that school has started, I can't be fussed to wear anything that's not comfortable or easy to move around in which throws all extravagant dresses and high maintenance ensembles out the window. Sometimes it feels good to return to basics. Especially when half most of my life is spent in the library toiling over homework. Blah.

On a more exciting note - I finally got into the film photography class I've been longing to take for years! It's one of the few art classes for non-art school students that Michigan offers, so, naturally, there's a ridiculous wait list every year. But I cannot be more thrilled about it! Film has always been a medium that I've longed to explore - but it's tricky and mistakes are rather costly (unlike digital). Hopefully I'll be able to put some of my work up here too!

Ahhh! Alright gotta run to classes! Till next time!

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So tell me, it's good to be back...

( Logo Instant Chic Cardigan, target blouse, H&M skirt, F21 tights, BCBG heels )

I finally got my hands on this awesome tiered taupe cardigan from the lovely Karen from Purple Lab. It's a piece from stylist Lori Goldstein's line for QVC called Logo Instant Chic - and I absolutely love it! You can't tell from the pictures but the back of the cardigan is actually a sheer chiffon and it's absolutely amazing. I wore this outfit for my second day of classes - it's ridiculous that college has only been in session for two days and I'm already swamped with work. I guess that's my own fault for being an Econ major though.... grrr.

Oh, and my friend gave me that awesome amethyst Chan Luu bracelet for my 21st, and it has been glued to my arm ever since. I absolutely adore it.

Thanks to Winnie for the photos! You can check out her site here!

Alright, homework calls - till next time!

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EOTW: Raquel Zimmerman by Mario Sorrenti

( images from Fashion Gone Rogue )

It's undeniable that photography plays a major role in creating a great editorial, and I think Mario Sorrenti attests to that. This beautiful spread of Raquel Zimmerman for Vogue Nippon is filled with rich textures, striking compositions and, of course, great ensembles.

I absolutely love Raquel Zimmerman, to say that she's a chameleon would be an understatement. Seriously, is there anything this girl can't do?

oh, and did I mention... Black is the new black?

I walked cause you walked...

( F21 tee and Skirt, H&M Wedges and Sunglasses, Lipstick - Dubonnet by MAC )

As promised, here are the pictures I did in Detroit with local photographer Jennifer Hui, check out her work here. I couldn't be more pleased with how these pictures turned out! I absolutely loved going around Detroit as well, it's a shame that people try to avoid it.

I've decided that I need to get new bracelets because my usual stack of silver and black is beginning to get mundane, I think I'm overdue for a trip to the vintage shop... or the craft store. Haha.

Btw. New Sufjan Track = fucking awesome.

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I wanna get in the sunrise

( All Saints dress, H&M Heels, F21 cuff, random bracelets )

Short post today, this week has been crazy, I've been trying to see everyone before they go off to college, packing my stuff to move up to college, living at a friends house and trying to help out. Expect regular posts next week.

I absolutely love this All Saints dress from ASOS.com, its super comfy and perfectly draped, the only thing is that it's super thin and thus completely see through, so be sure to wear appropriate underwear! Haha.

Went to Detroit today with a local photographer to shoot, I'm super excited to see the shots!!!

Alright kids, till next time!

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