I wanna get in the sunrise

( All Saints dress, H&M Heels, F21 cuff, random bracelets )

Short post today, this week has been crazy, I've been trying to see everyone before they go off to college, packing my stuff to move up to college, living at a friends house and trying to help out. Expect regular posts next week.

I absolutely love this All Saints dress from ASOS.com, its super comfy and perfectly draped, the only thing is that it's super thin and thus completely see through, so be sure to wear appropriate underwear! Haha.

Went to Detroit today with a local photographer to shoot, I'm super excited to see the shots!!!

Alright kids, till next time!

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( Photos by Sunny Yau, Makeup by Cheyenne Warner, Styling by me and Hillary Frazier )

I styled this shoot a while ago with Waffle Girl Hillary and I thought I'd post it. Obviously we went with a 90's Spice Girl theme, and then decided to go all the way and put them in matching "outfit sets". Hope you enjoyed it!

PS. We love our model friends, they're amazing.

Editorial of the Week: Josephine for Oyster #88

I love it when I discover stunning editorials from lesser known magazines. I think sometimes the big names can get too caught up in making deadlines and featuring specific pieces that they forget that fashion photography is, in its entirety, an art. Having widely-acclaimed photographers and top models don't always guarantee a fantastic shoot. Oftentimes the shots look over-processed and extremely commercial. They lack a certain charm and personality.

Josephine de la Baum's editorial by Cameron Smith embodies an authenticity not found in high-budget editorials. Shot for Oyster Magazine, the spread features a dreamy Josephine frolicking in churches and graveyards decked out in Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana,and Christopher Kane. I wonder how the church would respond to her black lace corset

PS. It's 4:07 am in China right now, this will be the last post I'll be making from Shanghai for a while!! I board a 12 hour flight to the US at 10am!! I could not be more excited to go home!

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flow sweetly, hang heavy

A friend suggested that I do a "what's in my bag?" post, so here it is! I've always loved reading these on other blogs, and I only just realized that I've never done one! It's probably due to the fact that my bag doesn't carry anything remotely interesting - no lucky charms, no cool lighter, not even a fun key chain! Man, I'm so boring! But here is what can be found in my bag:

1. Passport
2. Passport holder as make-shift wallet
3. Watch & random bracelets that I took off throughout the day
4. GLASSES. God I love them.
5. ITOUCH. Essential for Survival.
6. Itouch charger.
7. Lip balm & lipstick.
8. Paris map. Yeah, it's been in since I left Paris...
9. Random coins
10. Paris Metro / Shanghai Subway cards
11. Shitty Chinese cell phone... lol.
12. Keys - ofcourse.
13. Sharpie - in case you need a tattoo on short notice!

Yeah that's it. I know, no essentials like tarot cards or mace... Hell, I don't even have a band-aid!! Who doesn't have band-aids! They're so useful!

Oh and I have a surprise for you...

Do you like my bangs???

Oh, and here's a quick outfit post. Yes, I am wearing shorts.

(Zara Tank, F21 Shorts, Michael Kors Heels)

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one day they will see it's long gone

( H&M tank, blazer, and necklace, F21 shorts and sunglasses, Nails: Essie's punchy pink )

It's way too hot here. Humidity is at 80%, and the temperature today is a lovely 100 degrees. It doesn't help that the air conditioning in my office is subpar. On days like these I feel like wearing as little as humanly possible. This is my solution to that. Although that necklace doesn't really help to keep you cool - it was promptly removed shortly after being put on.

I'll be back in the US in SIX DAYS! It seems like forever since I left. I've been gone for almost a full 8 months, it's weird to think that one can leave for so long, but nothing will have changed when you get back. It's as if everything's just waiting for you to pick up your old life again, and the only thing that will be changed is, well, you.

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Liking right now...

1. Proenza Schouler Campaigns. I love the fact that they chose to use new faces, it makes the ads look fresh and young like the brand. And that colored stripe across? Brilliant.

2. Alexander Wang Campaign Video. Abbey Lee + Craig McDean + Alexander Wang. Does it get any better than this? No. No, it does not.

3. Fall Zara TRF Collection. Just as expected, TRF puts out another super on-trend collection with all the aura and mystery of the wild wild west. Too bad there's no Zara back home in middle-of-nowhere Michigan. But GREAT NEWS!! ZARA'S ONLINE STORE OPENS SEPTEMBER 2!! YESSSSSS.

4. Madras by A.P.C. for Urban Outfitters. I've always been a fan of french label A.P.C. but sadly never been able to afford it. Looks like someone was listening to my prayers! The collection will be available on-line and in stores August 20!

5. Caroline, Julia N. & Julia S. for Dazed & Confused. Great styling, AMAZING makeup. Love everything about it!

And finally, it's time to announce the winner of the Shopbop Giveaway!! I used a random generator to pick the winner, the number choosen will correspond with the number of the comment. So Congtulations to...

... Anna Margrete!!
Congrats Anne, I'll be in contact with you soon about your giftcard! Thanks for reading The Voguette!

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Oh Lolla, If only I wasn't in China...

The worlds of fashion and music seem so often to be intertwined and interdependent. Indeed, music festivals are one of the best places for streetstyle, and dress is an undeniable aspect that sets bands apart (other than music, ofcourse!) Thus it should not come as a suprise that a strong interest in music blossomed from my love for fashion.

All my friends are uploading pictures from Lollapalooza, and I could not be more envious. The line-up is insane this year, and ofcourse, I just happen to be here, on the other side of the world. So to cheer myself up, I decided to make a collage of what I would wear to lolla if teleportation was possible, and I could get the day off from work to go.

Here's the List of Shows I'd want to see:

Day 1:
These United States
The Walkmen
The Big Pink
The New Pornographers
Dirty Projectors / Fuck Buttons / Matt & Kim
(mad dash is necessary between the three stages because they all play at the same time - that'll be my excercise for the day)
The Black Keys / Hot Chip
Lady Gaga / The Strokes

Day 2:
Mimicking Birds
The Soft Pack
Wild Beasts
Stars / Warpaint
Dan Black / The xx (2 great bands at the same time again!! grr!)
Grizzly Bear
Spoon / Edward Sharpe
Cut Copy

Day 3:
The Antlers
The Dodos
Blitzen Trapper
Freelance Whales
Frightened Rabbit
The National
Arcade Fire

Well that's my list. Did any of you get to go to Lolla? If so, what shows did you go to & how were they? I've only heard really really good things about this year's festival, wish I was there... *sighs*

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Weekly Editorial Love.

(from fashionising)

By a happy accident, I stumbled across these fantastic pictures of ford model Katie Flanigan by Martin Hazine for Glossy Works Photography. I've never heard of the photographer or the model, but if they keep putting out editorials like this, they're headed for greatness.

Now I realize that theres no actual clothes in that editorial - so I'm posting two this week so you guys don't feel cheated! This next one is shot by Henri Bulow for Elle Denmark, modeled by Agnete Hegelund. I absolutely love the styling. Enjoy!

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