stripe me up

( H&M top and skirt, Dolce Vita heels, CC Skye bracelet, F21 bangles, vintage chain bracelet )

I finally saw Julie & Julia and it made me realize the huge influence that bloggers have. People don't really appreciate the amount of time bloggers spend on their craft, and let me tell you - its hard work! As a blogger one feels obligated to always give their readers something new and exciting to contemplate - but when "real life" gets in the way its difficult to update consistently.

Thus I applaud the bloggers who manage to update daily - for I could not possibly keep up with that.

But for a blogger, the most rewarding part is the moment you realize that someone out there is fascinated by your musings. Someone you don't even know. And yet, without knowing it, you may have become a source of inspiration to this complete stranger.

That is why I love to blog.

Best Shots.

just a quick picture post of my favorites from the september editorials!


(images from tfs)


My friends and I got together for a little garden party in celebration of my 20th birthday. It was really just another excuse to get dressed up and enjoy cocktails. Although the food was absolutely amazing and I probably ate enough to sustain a normal human being for a week. Oh well - waste not!

(F21 Dress, Vintage Tiara, Zara Shoes, F21 necklace worn as bracelet)

After much deliberation I decided to wear my pleather f21 mini - I feared that it might be a little too skimpy for a garden party but... oh well! It was MY party after all! Of course I had to pair it with my favorite pair of faux Balmains from Zara. Those shoes were made to be photographed!

There's a funny thing about turning 20 - you start to think about all the responsibilities you have, what you're going to do with your life, and if you'll make a difference in the world or not. I think we all hope to impact the world in some way - we're just doing it differently.

Being old makes you think of boring things like that. Haha.

The September Ads

What did you guys think about the new ad campaigns?

garden lovin

(Club Monaco Dress, BCBG Shoes, F21 Necklace)

There's something about being in a garden that makes me want to twirl around and burst into song. Its so relaxing and zen - even though I have a horrible (irrational) fear of bees.

I snatched this amazing necklace at F21 - I was shocked to see it there as it's surprisingly well-made and a little different from their usual aesthetic. Of course I had to pair it with a LBD - and I love this one because of the little cutouts in the back.