how to wear your hermes - 12 ways.

Lately Ive been getting into printed scarves and started playing around with some of my mom's. I've decided to do a little experiment to see how many different ways you can wear a Hermes or any large square scarf. And here are some of my favorite ways to wear it:

#1. Wear it as a fitted halter

How to achieve this look: fold your scarf into a triangle, then tie the two sides of the top of the triangle around your neck, tie the tail ends around your waist - and viola! Here's a close-up

#2. Wear it as a one-shoulder dress

To achieve this look: tie two adjacent corners of the scarf around one shoulder, then use a clip (NOT A SAFETY PIN) to secure the two sides of the dress together. Make sure you wear strapless body-con underneath because the scarf won't be able to go around your hips.

#3. Wear it as a halter underneath a blazer.

Since Hermes scarves tend to be busy and brightly colored - this is a more subtle way to wear it. Simply fold the scarf into a triangle and tie both ends of the triangle around your neck. Be sure to wear a tank top or tube top underneath incase the scarf slips out of place =P.

#4. Wear it as a rosette scarf

This is a great and elegant way to tie a scarf. Simply fold the scarf into a triangle put it around your neck and twist the ends together until you get a spiral braid. Tie the ends together at the bottom of the braid. Tie the braid into a knot but don't pull the tail out all the way. And viola! We have a rosette!

#5. Wear it as a bandeau

If you're brave enough, and flat enough (might I add..), the Hermes Carre makes for a great bandeau. personally, I'm to whimpy to go anywhere in public like this but I do think the bow-front bandeau looks great - perhaps over a swimsuit on the beach? Maybe when I magically get abs. ahaha.

To get this look fold in two opposite corners of the scarf into the center until you get a long strip of fabric thats not too wide, but not too thin either! Haha. then just simply tie the long strip around yourself tufting the ends a bit so it looks like you have a bow in front.

#6. Wear it as schoolboy scarf.

This is a very simple way to wear the scarf for that "I just threw myself together" look. Fold the scarf into a triangle, and put it around your neck with the ends hanging in front, then tie a knot in one of the ends, about halfway down and slide the other end into the knot- and there we have it!

#7. Wear it as a strapless dress under a long cardigan

This is a really cute way to wear your scarf, but make sure you wear a strapless body-con dress or leggings under it because the scarf isnt big enough to cover your back! Just fold one corner of the scarf so that the corner just touches the center of the scarf, then using that folded side, tie it around you and there we have it!

#8. Wear it as a strapless top

Really really simple, I would pair this with basics, simply fold 2 opposite corners into the center, so that the corners touch the center of the scarf, then tie it around yourself with the folded edges on top and bottom.

#9. Wear it as a halter dress - 2 scarves are needed

This is one of my favorite ways to wear the scarf, but you do need two scarves to do the trick. First fold both of the scarves into a triangle then tie the same end of the triangles together so that when you hold it from the tie both triangles point outward, then put the tie around the nape of your neck and then tie the front together a little bit above your navel. Then tie the "point" of the triangles together behind your back. Remember to pair it with a skirt!

#10. Wear it as a cowl-neck halter

Another great way to wear the scarf, but it does show a lot of skin so you can either layer a bandeau under it or wear a black body-con halter underneath. to get this look simply tie two adjacent corners of the scarf together, put our head through it and tie the other two corners around your waist - and there you have it!

#11. Wear it as a bow tie

Really really simple, but it gives a great effect! Fold the scarf accordion style into a strip, tie a knot at the end of one side and slip the other side through the knot and you have yourself a cute little bowtie!

#12. Wear it as a scarf/capelet

This makes for a cute accessory - grab the midpoints of two opposing sides of the scarf, then move one hand up the scarf and the other hand down the scarf so that you're holding two asymmetrical points, then fold along those two points, and simply tie the ends in a knot around your neck and you're done!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little guide, I'm sorry the instructions are a little vague, but hopefully you'll be inspired to discover your own ways to wear a hermes!

back to basics

( H&M Top and Pants, Michael Kors Heels, Club Monaco Bracelets )

I promise that on my next outfit post I will not be wearing H&M head to toe. Haha. I really need to find new places to shop. I absolutely love the ruffled top though, and naturally I whipped out my harem pants to go with it.

I'm absolutely addicted to the latest Lanvin collection. It's very parisienne dressing meets "where the wild things are"... or maybe thats just what I think.

dreaming all the ways that you will smile

(H&M Cardigan, Dress & Tights, Michael Kors Heels )

I have a confession. I'm addicted to ANYTHING that is black and white striped. I own 5 black and white striped shirts and they're all very similar... but I convinced myself that they were extremely different when I bought them. I think nude will once again be my go-to color for spring, even though spring doesn't really come until mid-March. Ah well, I'm getting an early start.

Life in Shanghai is pretty boring right now, we are in the midst of moving into a new house so I haven't gotten much time to go out and explore the city. But I'm hoping to get some street style photos in before I leave for Paris.

On a different note, my love for Magdalena is never-ending. Here she is in Viktor & Rolf on the cover of next month's Dazed & Confused. LOVEEE.

Lastly, if you haven't done so already, please please help those in need in Haiti. You can text "HAITI" to 90999 and donate $10 to the Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund, or you text "YELE" to 501501 to donate $5 to the Yele Foundation Haiti Relief Fund (founded by Wyclef Jean).

The death toll in Haiti has escalated to a staggering 200,000 and it's only expected to rise. Millions have lost their homes, and even more are without food. Countries around the world have made efforts to help the earthquake victims, and we can too. A donation, however small, does make a difference. So please take the time to help those in need.

You can also support Haiti by donating online to the Red Cross Foundation here, the Clinton Foundation here, or the Yele foundation here.

Preen Pre-Fall 2010

I'm very impressed by the pre-fall collections this year and one of my current obsessions is Preen. The Preen show has always been one of the highlights of fashion week for me, and this season, they did not disappoint. I love how free-flowing drapery flirts with body-con silhouettes, and needless to say, I want to wear the whole collection. When is Preen going to do a line for Target? I'm eagerly waiting for it.

I'm slowly making my way through the rest of the pre-fall shows - stalking like my life depends on it, but fashion week seems to bombard people with a whole lot of looks, trends, ideas, and it's hard to keep up!

On a side note: more food porn from the homeland. =P

(I'm sort of obsessed with taking pics of food, if you haven't noticed )

i think we're superstars

( Express Cowl neck sweater, H&M scarf, Forever 21 denim shorts, EQ:IQ boots from China )

I've been lusting for thigh high boots for sometime now, and I've finally found some here in Shanghai. Apparently PVC is the way to go if you want super form-fitted boots. I can't wait to try these on with different outfits, they're definitely staying on my feet for some time now. I thought my large oversized sweater from Express would be a good match - at least my upper body is warm! (Excuse the horrible photography, there's honestly no decent spot to take pictures in my apt here!)

I stumbled across these amazing pictures of Karlie Kloss by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue China on TFS today, she really is stunning that Karlie.

I'll be back soon with a recap of the pre-fall shows - so far they're looking fabulous!

Velvet Crush

( Asos Velvet Dress, H&M Tights, Pour La Victoire Heels, F21 Cuff )

It's surprisingly cold in Shanghai right now, which only encourages me to partake in activities that occur indoors. Thus, I had a rummage through my 50-pound suitcase, and I rediscovered this great turquoise velvet dress that I purchased from ASOS a while back. I'd always layer it with cardigans and vests, but, as you can imagine, that doesn't really do the dress justice. Thus, the best way to wear this dress is with nothing at all. Although it's simple, I think the dress speaks for itself. But I couldn't resist adding my favorite F21 studded cuff. =P

I don't know how many of you saw this, but has put together a great collection of great street style moments in their WEARDROBE 100 magazine. I'm very honored to be featured alongside fashion geniuses like Tavi, Jane, & Rumi! It's a really great compilation, you guys should check it out here!