New Horizons

Hey guys. I'm FINALLY back FOR GOOD. In my 3 month haitus, I've graduated with degrees in Economics and Art History, I've taken the GMAT (for business school), and I'm going to be relocating to New York at the end of the month! I currently don't have a job lined up, but hopefully someone out there will find me useful (please hire me!!). It's a bit scary, but also extremely exciting.

I hope to sustain regular updates now, I'm so sorry that I left for so long. Although I'm sure no one missed me that much anyway. Haha. I'm hoping to not only do outfit posts but make The Voguette into a more well rounded fashion blog with editorials, more collages, and photos.

It's seriously cold in Michigan right now, thus it's necessary to layer up!

( Gap Denim Jacket, F21 Cardigan, Tank & Jeans, Sam Edelman Heels )

I'm pretty convinced that shoes don't get better than these.

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