First Day in Paris

So on my first day in Paris, I had to meet my classmates at Saint Suplice (the chruch on rive gauche) at 3:00 SHARP. Now normally I'm pretty good with directions, and seeing it's my fourth time in the city I didn't think it would be too difficult.

Initially I gave myself a lot of time in the morning to roam around Paris before I had to be there, and I was doing pretty well until 2:30... when I realized I had been walking for a good 20 minutes in the opposite direction of where I want to be.

But these are pictures from everything I caught along the way - who knew getting lost in paris would be so much fun?

I'm absolutely obsessed with that last guy - there should be people blowing giant bubbles everywhere in paris. =D

Look for a outfit post tomorrow!

we can't feel real at all...

( Guess Sequined Jacket, H&M top, Jonathan Saunders for Target Skirt, Target Tights, studded heels from China )

I'm FINALLY back from China!! Sorry I haven't updated in forever!! It's kinda difficult updating from China since both blogger and Imageshack are blocked. I had to use photobucket which sucks (I'll fix my photobucket problem and transfer my images to imageshack asap). And China is super ontop of finding proxy servers so the proxy that I used was not only annoyingly slow but sometimes it didnt work... gahh.

Anyway, I took these pictures on my aunt & uncle's roof in Dali, Yunan China. The view there is absolutely beautiful and they have lots of sun and clear blue skies. *sighs* now I'm back to grey and snowy days...

I'm leaving for Paris tomorrow, and I'll be there for fashion week!! I'm super super excited, being in France just feels so right! My first stop will be Laduree to pick up some of their divine macaroons. Hahah.

ps. I'm currently completely obsessed with Throw me the Statue - look them up. Their album Creaturesque is fantastic.

take me away cause I just don't wanna stay...

( Burberry Trench, H&M Denim Blouse, F21 tee & shorts, H&M tights, Heels from China )

So I'm a huge fan of trenches for spring. In fact, I looked at the new Burberry SS10 ads, and I realized that I wanted every single one of the trench coats that Emma Watson is wearing in them. Sadness. If only...

On the plus side, my mom found this great pair of faux Isabel Marants at small shop here in Shanghai. I absolutely love them. Unfortunately, my mother is not willing to let them go. Oh well. At least I can borrow them!

I've decided that I need to get bracelets, I'm sure you guys are sick of seeing the same pile of black & silver on my rist... with the same vintage rings... haha I'll use that as my excuse to buy more... =P

Lastly... can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Shanghai? I'm already sick of the ones that I always go to, but too scared to venture out into the abyss of Shanghai eateries without guidance.

PS. How awesome did Lady Gaga look in those Nina Ricci's at the Grammys? ummmm SICKKK.