( vintage cardigan, jcrew top, express skirt, bcbg boots, banana republic necklace )

Last week was the longest week of my life, but my exams are done, and I am officially on summer vacation! YESSS. I have some exciting posts coming up - as I will be in Shanghai from the 4th to the 26th and then I'm off to intern at People's Rev in nyc for the rest of the summer!! Im SOOO excited!! (just think of all the pictures!!)

To celebrate I decided to shoot on my friends beach. at night. But it didn't work out as well as I hoped as you cant really see anything. Another reason that I need an external flash. lol. It was a lot of fun, although i was scared out of my mind because it was dark and I'm a whimp.

But more about the outfit, I fetched the cardi out of my moms closet from the 90s, it was some unfortunate shade of blackish copper but there was something about the soft velvety-ness that called to me. I love the necklace, my mom got it at banana a while ago for her Christmas party but its an amazing piece and I just re-discovered it.

Thanks so so much guys for reading my blog. It means SO much to me. I LOVEE your comments!! <3

I know I said I wouldn't but....

Okay guys, its crunch time for my exams and I know i told you in my last post that I wouldn't be able to update until may 1st, but um.... this is just TOO GOOD not to post. They are simply AMAZINGG.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mark Leibowitz's PRIVATE exhibition - that's right, its not even open to the public, but I'm giving you a sneak peek here!


(images from the cut @ new york magazine, but please don't take w/o permission)

BEST. PHOTOS. EVER. It's life-changing.

Now must go study! Wish me luck! <3


Hey guys! thanks so much for the great submissions - I had so much fun looking at all your editorials. So here are the seven editorials that were entered:

1. Kaleigh - Where the Wild Things Are by Partick Demarchelier

2. Ruta - Alice in Wonderland by Annie Leibovtz

3. Rebecca

4. Sherry - Sasha P. for Prada S/S 08 by Steven Miesel

5. Lindsay - Chen Man for Harper's Bazaar

6. Kate - Romeo & Juli, Dutch Elle

7. Rebecca - Shot from the Sartorialist


Thank you all so much for entering! See you all again on May 1st!

this time next year will be forevermore

(BCBG shirt & shorts, H&M tights, F21 vest, Nicole Miller wedges)

Its FINALLY starting to warm up in Michigan!! YESSSS. I got this shirt a while ago, and I've been dying to take it out for weeks, but it hasn't been warm enough till now. I love how light and airy it is! So I looked through my closet today and noticed that I am SERIOUSLY lacking a cute little sundress. I gotta get one before summer comes!

Speaking of summer, I spotted my friend Megan sporting the Short Shorts (pink) color from Essie's Neon Collection. I am COMPLETELY obsessed with it. I think I might not make it through summer without that electric yellow polish.

So finals next week, expect me to be completely MIA while I cram for them! Don't forget that this is your last chance to enter the Tolani Scarf Giveaway!! I'm excited to post all the pics and pick a winner on Monday! But I will leave you with some shots from the Chanel spring/summer campaign!!

*sighs* Why isn't my life like this!?!?

twirl things around us

(Club Monaco shirt, H&M Blazer and Jeans, Michael Kors heels)
OHHH YESS. I'm sure you guys all know where I drew my inspiration. And if Karl was female, he would TOTALLY rock hot pink lipstick. I actually just purchased that color over the weekend, I've been looking for a nice juicy pink for a while now, and I totally fell in love with the new Show Orchid color at MAC.

These photos were taken in front of an installation by Walead Beshty at the Art Museum here at our University - the colors are amazing - and yes the mirror on the ground is supposed to be broken.

Sorry for my lack of rings, weirdly, I've come to find that I don't really own any. I kept on asking myself "what would Karl do" and attempting to seem "badass" in these pics. But alas, I can't really pull that off. Especially not with that lipcolor! Oh Karl - you are so tres tres cool.

I would like to remind you guys to enter the Tolani Scarf Giveaway before April 20th! Right now there are only 5 editorials, so those readers have a pretty good chance of winning the scarf! Also Chickdowntown.com is having a Tibi mini green dress giveaway on their site, so you guys should check that out as well!

i've packed a change of clothes, and its time to move on.

(images from style.com)

Everyone will tell you that I have a thing for bright colors. Thus, you could only imagine my delight when I spotted bright splashes of cherry red, electric yellow, barbie pink, and lush cerulean all strewn across the fall runways.

That's right dear readers, color is no longer confined to the stuffy and humid months of June, July and August. No, color has decided that it would like to be apart of the rest of the year as well. So say goodbye to that charcoal grey military jacket of yours - and say hello to this Louis Vuitton overcoat in a yummy fire-engine red. Plus, the last thing we need in this economic crisis is to look dark and dreary for half the year. Remember and repeat: Color = Optimism!

For those of you, like me, who lack the funds to purchase such runway numbers, I'm sure that some time within the next four months you will find a lonely juicy apple green peacoat abandoned at a thrift store. After all, this is why they show fall collections in spring!