@ Charity Fashion Show

( Asos Velvet dress, Target vest, American apparel heart print tights, Banana clutch, vintage ring )

I met up with the amazingly stylish Hillary of FashionIndie for a charity fashion show a while back. Many of our friends were modeling thus it was only natural that we would go to show our support. It was really just another reason to dress up - these chances come very rarely when you're in Michigan. I absolutely adore Hillary's awesome faux fur vest, I've been searching for a great faux for such a long time now, but sadly - no luck.

I decided to bust out the dark lippie for the event, I've tried this shade a few times in broad daylight, but I don't think people here are ready for that yet. I'm wearing Cyber by MAC, I am so incredibly obsessed with it. I'm also insanely obsessed with heart dotted sheer tights - and when I saw this pair at AA, I had to get them.

I shall leave you with these amazing photos from Crash #50 of Skye Stracke:


Hope you guys all have an amazing thanksgiving break!!

.... yeah, my jeans are ridiculous.

( H&M Blazer, F21 Tank & Jeans, Asos flats, Fossil pendant, Vintage rings )

So I caved and bought crazy ripped and bleached jeans. They just called to me - You know how that happens. First look - you think "oh, who wears those?" and then you see them again and somehow you can't live without them. The more I look at them the more I love them. Although, I'm still not too sure how to wear them. I thought grey would have been a good match, but ofcourse I have no grey basics.

Thanks so much to Winnie for taking the photos, she's a local photographer here in Michigan and her work is honestly some of the best I've seen. Check here out here

On another random tangent... currently Loving....

On a sadder note, RIP Daul. The fashion world will not be the same without you.

Mariacarla, you're the best.

(images from tfs)

Short post today.

Finally done with dreaded Econ exam.

Bought a sick owl ring, and some crazy destroyed bleach dyed jeans.

Im still desperate for some faux. Any suggestions?

thank you global warming.

( H&M floral dress and belt, F21 mustard tights, BCBG wedges, Chloe sunglasses, )

It was unnaturally warm yesterday. Ahhh global warming. I decided to bust out my floral H&M dress, I haven't worn it in ages - I feel like I have to be in the right mood to wear it. This outfit is most definitely inspired by the dear Rebecca from The Clothes Horse. I absolutely love her style and her whimsical photos in nature.

List of things that I'm really into right now:
1. Jeffrey Campbell for LF Acne inspired wedges
2. Socks with Strappy Rustic Sandals a la Burberry
3. Faux Everything
4. One Shoulder velvet jumpsuits - one shoulder everything... really.
5. Really high poofy buns

Oh, and amazing photos from the Vogue Italia beauty shoot by by Paolo Roversi. DIE.


( H&M Blazer & Jeans, Zara Top, Aldo Wedges, Hairbow from TheImagined on Etsy )

Being the nerd that I am, I color coordinate my closet, and this morning I noticed that I own a disproportionally large amount of black clothing - thus I thought it would be fun to do a black-on-black outfit. This was my first attempt, and then I found the most amazing heart-dotted sheer black tights at American Apparel and I wore those with black shorts and I belted the blazer - I think I like that look better, but sadly there was nobody around to take my picture.

Story of my life.

On a different note, Lily Cole's editorial for Dazed & Confused is just about the best thing ever.

Ah Lily. LOVE.

OMG. AMAZING NEWS. I am officially studying abroad in Paris next semester - Who's going to be at Paris Fashion Week with me!?!!!!???

Peachy Keen

(H&M top & skirt, F21 Cardigan, Club Monaco Belt, Aldo Heels)

I have longed for the perfect tutu since the beginning of summer - and now, five months later, I've finally found it. Having taken ballet for ten years of my life - I know a thing or two about tutus. I wanted one that wasn't too costume-y, one that's not too structured or frilly. I also wanted the tulle to be somewhat softer - I detest cheap tulle, it's probably the quickest way to ruin a great outfit. And low and behold, I found this adorable nude tutu just hanging on the rack by its lonesome at H&M. Naturally, I had to give it a home. It didn't seem like it had too many friends in the store anyway.

I also love the combination of pastels - if it hadn't been so cold I would have gone tights-less. But I think the black tights give it a nice fall feel. Can we also talk about how amazing the faux ysl club monaco belt is!?!? I am SOOOO in love with it!!

Please ignore my nails, they're a horrible shade of pink leftover from halloween. I've been lazyyy.