HALLOWEEN DIY: Thierry Mugler Dress

I bet you can't even recognize me in that! Haha. I promise it is me though. I made a DIY Mugler for halloween because I knew that almost everyone is dressing up as gaga for halloween - but nobody was going to spend as much time as I did on their costume.

So to make this dress, here's what you do. First I bought a pleather skirt/dress from American Apparel. Then I cut out SYMMETRIC diamond shapes of cardboard - its really important that they're perfectly symmetric and narrow so that when you put four pieces together you get a lovely crystal or 3-d diamond shape. If you're going to do this - USE A RULER. Play with the sizes so you get a nice variation of crystals.

Next I superglued the four pieces together to make the shape, and I painted them gold - a la Gaga. Now attaching them onto the dress is tricky because I didn't want to straight-up glue them to the fabric - so I hot-glued safety pins onto the shapes and pinned them to my dress.

Now I know it doesn't look exactly like the real thing, but I think it comes close enough and people will most definitely get it.

So my friend forced me to make this really embarrassing music video, but I'm going to pretend that's not me. Yes. That's me singing. Not Lady Gaga.

Fall in Michigan

As much as I complain about Michigan, I absolutely love the fact that we have seasons! I would be so upset if I lived in a place that was only green leaves and sunshine all the time. Our campus is so charming and whimsical in autumn. Sometimes a chilly breeze and bright yellow leaves are all one needs to make their day better. There's something so refreshing about that first breath of crisp air in the morning. It rejuvenates you.

( Marc by Marc dress, F21 sweater, Target socks, Prevue Heels, Banana Republic bangle )

I busted out my Marc dress for the day. I probably could have thought about the outfit more, I kinda just threw it on and headed out - I think the tights look silly in retrospect. Haha.

I got a dark purple lipstick today - Cyber by MAC. Its AMAZING. Pictures Soon!

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Just some inspiration for your sunday! Exam coming up... again... ill be back with more actual posts then.

sasha + craig mcdean = <3


Sasha P. by Craig Dean for Vogue Italia October 2009.

Dear Natasha, you are fucking amazing.

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no words are needed.

Happy Diwali!!!

( H&M dress & Blazer, Ralph Lauren Boots, F21 Tights, Club Monaco Necklace )

As many of you may know, today is the first night of Diwali - the festival of lights - a five day celebration of the Hindu new year. Naturally, my roommate and I went out to get indian food in celebration of the holiday. I couldn't help but take pics of the yummy samosas.

Then we lit candles - ofcourse!

I think going to an international high school really opened my eyes the many different cultures and traditions around the world. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have that experience. Throughout the years, I've become somewhat of an expert when it comes to India and I must say one of the most amazing things about the culture is their dress.

Every year the Indian Student Association puts on a dance show ( I was actually in it one year in high school, it was honestly the coolest thing ever - yes I know, I'm not Indian...), and I would ogle at the beautiful sarees and lehengas floating around - longing to wear one myself. I absolutely love the brightly colored fabrics, the detailed embroidery and the beautiful draping of the fabric. With stars like Freida Pinto and Aishwarya Rai, I expected indian fashions to be more integrated into main-stream clothing - but perhaps people just haven't discovered its wonders yet. Well here's a peek of what we're missing out on:

Hope that gave you some food for thought! Happy Diwali everyone!

... And yes - you are listening to Bollywood music.