Summer comes and disappears

( H&M Dress, Old cardigan, Club Monaco Belt, Jessica Simpson Boots, Fossil Necklace )

Since it is FINALLY fall, I decided to whip out my dark lipstick and take my new over the knee boots out for a ride. I must admit, I did receive a few funny stares, but that has never stopped me from wearing anything before! I really adore these boots, they were the only pair of "bargain" thigh-high boots I could find - and I was really really glad to get my hands on a pair - just in time for fall too.

Lately I've been moping about complaining that I have absolutely nothing to wear, yet my closet could not be fuller. I think fall is a great season to layer, and hopefully I'll be experimenting with massive amounts of layering soon. But I never think I have anything good to layer with - I'm in desperate need of long sleeve cardigans and sweaters, they're going to be my go to items this season. Hopefully I'll snag some soon.

I did manage to go out and get that lovely shade of dark green from the new OPI Espana collection - it's called Here today Aragorn tomorrow.

I could not love it any more, at first I was a little upset that it wasn't more green but now I really like how subtle it is. Its a really rich shade of forest green mixed in with a black base. I think its funny how this color is only slightly different from the color I had on last week - my friends mom teased me about how all my fall/winter nail colors look exactly the same.

Pshhh. They are so NOT the same. Or at least that's what I'll keep on telling myself.

I'll be back tomorrow or sunday with updates about fashion week - heres a sneak peek of Balmain though:


  1. What a perfect FALL outfit! I wish it was cooler here so I can start wearing my fall clothes as well. I'm loving your boots-I'm literally like dying over them. Where did you get them? And I was so close to getting that color from OPI. I feel like now, I should go get it, cuz it looks so good on you.

  2. ooooo i love your boots....

    i have a pair of steve madden over the knee boots i bought in high school but hardly ever wore until recently. for some reason i bought them a size too big, and now i can only wear them with extra-thick socks!

    you look fantastic - a great way to wear them without looking like a hooker, haha (i'm always worried about that)

    also loving the sequined minis. sequins are my weakness.


  3. thank you so much for your wonderful comment! love your blog too <3

  4. I'm absolutely in love with your outfit and dark red lipstick!

  5. love your photos! and how is it like in knee high boots? is it a bit of nuisance in any sort of way at all?

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  7. looove the dark lip on you! so hot. i know what you mean about nail polishes, i've got about 6 pale pinks that i think are sooo different but apparently look the same to anyone else haha xo

  8. great outfit, belted cardi-great.
    Balmain was AMAZING,LOVED it. wish there had been a wow factor at the end but still deepley madley inlove with the lable!
    Great blog.
    Love TBAG.x x

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  10. love love love your overknee boots. my search is not yet finished. i swear jessica simpson makes the hottest boots. ;)
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  11. Uh-hm...the third Balmain picture? I die. Seriously.


  12. I LOVE your outfit!!! Perfect transitional look for fall.
    I'm so glad you like my blog, thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll :)

  13. you are so chic! That is the perfect nail polish to go with your new fall look! I am so excited to see you in all your fashionable-ness!


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  15. Such a Perfect outfit for Fall!! Those boots are wonderful!


  16. I'm so in love with your boots! They totally toughen up the simple outfit!

  17. Those boots look so good I want some now :D

  18. I love your boots!!! and your grey sweater :)

  19. Fabulous photos, i love this outfit. And that lipstick looks fantastic on you! x

  20. Balmain gets the cool factor... great wall btw.