i like where we are

(H&M top, F21 cardigan, Express leggings, Chloe sunglasses, Nine West Flats)

So I totally embarrassed my friends by wearing these super shiny leggings in broad daylight - to make things even more embarrassing, we were heading to the Guggenheim.

But they were pretty good sports and only made occasional jokes.

Now that I'm back home - I realize just how much Michigan sucks - you know with the recession and all. *sighs* Hopefully I'll spend the summer interning in the city.

Tea in the Lazy Afternoon


Alice's Teacup is the most amazing place ... EVERR. If you guys happen to be in the city, it's def. worth a stop - I highly recommend the scones - they are like a piece of heaven.

( H&M top and tights, Express skirt, Tiffany bracelet, Chanel watch, cardigan i stole from my friend's closet)

It was a pretty laid-back day - hence the lack of exciting clothing. But we did get extremely delicious crepes. Crepes are one of my many weaknesses - I always get them if they're on the menu. Yes I'm well aware that this is not healthy - but one does not go to brunch to expect a healthy meal. Look at how yummy they are!!

Speaking of weaknesses - umm... will anyone be willing to buy these for me? I'm completely smitten. I think you will be too:

They're Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte. Equally amazing are the Louboutins for Rodarte...

*sighs* So many pretty shoes, so little money.

Soho Prep

( J.Crew Jacket, Fendi Sunglasses, H&M top and tights, Club Monaco skirt and belt, BCBG shoes, Marc by Marc Necklace)

Today I convinced my friend Zara to spend a relaxing afternoon in Soho before going back to Columbia for class. I've decided that one day I will own apartment in Soho - I love the atmosphere there. Although now it's becoming filled with tourists (like myself). But I know that someday I too will be an incredibly chic New Yorker.

Of course we shopped - this was taken at Urban, I'm in love with the "J". I must say this is my 3rd or 4th trip to Soho in the last 5 days. Last time Steven and I spent 2 hours browsing through Bloomingdales - its an amazing store.

Zara took Steven and me to a very yummy Thai place the other day - I know how much you guys love to be bombarded with food porn - so here's to temptation

It was my "curry puff" its a cross between puff pastry and a samosa - but it was amazingly good.

Not to worry dear readers, there will be more outfits to come - i shall get those up as soon as I get back home!

Wandering in the city


You didn't think I forgot about you did you? When one is in New York, its difficult not to be completely immersed in city life. But here are the promised updates - sadly none of them include my "outfit" pictures as I took those on my SLR and forgot to bring the USB drive to connect them to the computer - so you'll have to wait till I get home for those!

But I will give you a little preview...


Yes. That's right. Balmain inspired shoes at Zara. I walked in and they were the first thing I saw, and there were only two pairs left. AND one of them was my size!! ohhh I LOVEEEE them!!!


So the other day I met up with my beyond fabulous friend Steven who goes to Tisch @ NYU - we went to this amazing dessert place near Columbia (where my other friend goes, so I'm staying there). The desserts were like a piece of heaven - I mean... take a look:


Well I'm off to enjoy some cupcakes from Crumbs, I promise I will be back with outfit updates in a few days!
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Preen, my heart beats for you.

(images from Style.com)

So, is anyone else a little disappointed with fashion week so far? I mean, Alex's collection was mediocre at best, Marc is doing some crazy 80s thing with that I can only imagine is expensive colored tinfoil, DVF is showing some questionable headgear....

*sighs* I can only hope that better things are on their way, and NYFW 2009 can redeem itself. But for now, these are the collections that I'm oh -so-in-love-with - especially Preen.

Can you guys express ship me one of those dresses?? PLEASSSSEEE??

-- what? a girl can dream.

Barbie's BACKKK!!


(images from New York Magazine and Luxist)

As a lover of Barbies in my youth, I couldn't resist making a post about the Barbie fashion show that just went down. I mean - how can one say no to the glitter, feathers and the massive hair? I personally love the sparkly green dress - although its completely un-wearable.

Still barbie will hold a special place in my heart - perhaps it was because I was chosen to go onstage at a Barbie show at Disneyworld when I was six...

Well back to my exam studying, hope this was an entertaining diversion for you all.

Hello World

Hello everyone,

I'm Jessica, 19, and currently attending the University of Michigan - lover of fashion, shoes and all things fabulous. I was inspired by the truly innovative fashion blogs that I have been reading lately, and I hope that someone will find joy in reading about my random fashion musings as well.

I'm a newbie to the blogging scene, hopefully I'll catch on quickly!

I shall be in New York in a few days, I think that's when I shall debut my blogging skills. But I'll leave you with some food for thought:

This installation in Melbourne was created for the annual Rainbow Serpent festival - apparently the installation has infrared cameras that "transpose" human movement into light. Not to mention the pretty colors - Enjoy!

Stay Tuned!