An outfit I wore to brunch in the east village this weekend - though these pictures were taken in Chinatown. It's so weird, but I'm not a huge fan of Chinatown - perhaps it's because it is EXACTLY like China. And although China has its perks, the nauseating smell of Chinese supermarkets is enough to turn me away. The food in Chinatown, on the other hand, is absolutely phenomenal.

( H&M Blazer, leg warmers & blouse, F21 leggings and tee, Marc Jacobs Necklace, and Zara Shoes)

The glowing cloudy sunshine made for great photos. I absolutely loved it. And thank god it was a beautiful 48 degrees in New York today. Perfect.

Love these Zara shoes that I scored in Hong Kong last February. Sadly I lost some of the studs, but I still love them. They're super comfy and have done me well.

Thanks to the talented Winnie Jeng for the photos!

Happy Valentine's day everyone! I made chocolate-covered strawberries & coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my friends and spent the day running all over New York delivering them! Doing nice things for other people just feels so good. But I also treated myself to this yummy 16 handles yogurt.

I took this picture from my IPHONE!! The picture quality is absolutely amazing on the 4 and I'm always impressed by the camera. Sighs. I love my phone.
(16 Handles is THE best frozen yogurt in this city. HANDS DOWN.)

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Favs of NYFW.

So New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and here's a quick post of my favorite outfits from my favorite shows, even though I was too lazy to trek to Lincoln Center to go see the shows themselves. Hahah. Hey, tt's cold outside!! Although now seeing the looks, I wish I had gone to some of them... sadness. Well I hope those people who got in due to my absence are happy.

So here's my favorites of FW 2011:

1. ADAM - I absolutely love the volume and how Adam plays with materials in this look. The chunky knitted cardigan perfectly contrasts with the feminine lace top and the wear-to-work tailored trousers. Can't wait to do my own take on this look! A+.

2. Alexander Wang - Ofcourse, it's not New York fashion week without Alex. And this look is absolutely stunning. Everything from the slit sleeves and the de-constructed skirt is absolutely perfect. And don't even get me started on his shoes!! Now, I just need all this in my closet. Thanks Alex.

3. Edun - I dont even have words for this look. Its heaven. Want. Now.

4. Jason Wu - Thank god MObama put Jason Wu on the map. I don't think any designer has shown as much old Hollywood glam and feminine sophistication as Mr. Wu. And boy does he do it well. I would give an arm to wear this number.

5. Prabal Grung - Newcomer Prabal put out a FABULOUS collection. Picking one look was so ridiculously hard, but I had to go with this beautiful gradient feather number. When I go Oscars, I want this one Prabal!

6. United Bamboo - This look is proof that less is more. The draping is perfection and longer hemline really makes me love this dress. I'd wear this all day, everyday. Please United Bamboo!!

7. Vena Cava - Newbies Vena Cava have become serious players on the NYFW scene. And they always put out a strong collection. I love the texture play in this look. I'd totally rock this if I had those abs. Hahaha.

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Settled In. In NYC.

So I FINALLY got everything sorted out.

I'm comfortably settled in a surprisingly roomy apartment on the upper upper east side which I found on Craigslist. Yep. I found my apartment and my roomies on Craigslist. I got extremely lucky though, I absolutely love my roommates, and my room turned out being WAY roomier than I anticipated. Or maybe it's only roomy because I only have an air mattress in there...

Still not employed yet. But I'm definitely trying very VERY hard to find one. Looking for a full-time job has turned into a full-time job. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I guess it really is one of the only times in your life that you face this kind of uncertainty. So... I should enjoy it..? Ah, I still don't like this feeling.

Anyway, I thought that I get back into the groove of blogging now that Fashion Week is starting here in the city. I must say - *starstruck* moment - I was at Whole Foods the other day and Karlie Kloss was definitely shopping for marinara sauce right next to me. Of course I was too geeked to say anything to her. (I'm pathetic). But it was quite exciting.

Oh, I definitely left my tripod in Michigan, so until I make some friends here in the city, the outfit updates will be sluggish. Sadness.

So anyway, here's a picture dump.

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New Horizons

Hey guys. I'm FINALLY back FOR GOOD. In my 3 month haitus, I've graduated with degrees in Economics and Art History, I've taken the GMAT (for business school), and I'm going to be relocating to New York at the end of the month! I currently don't have a job lined up, but hopefully someone out there will find me useful (please hire me!!). It's a bit scary, but also extremely exciting.

I hope to sustain regular updates now, I'm so sorry that I left for so long. Although I'm sure no one missed me that much anyway. Haha. I'm hoping to not only do outfit posts but make The Voguette into a more well rounded fashion blog with editorials, more collages, and photos.

It's seriously cold in Michigan right now, thus it's necessary to layer up!

( Gap Denim Jacket, F21 Cardigan, Tank & Jeans, Sam Edelman Heels )

I'm pretty convinced that shoes don't get better than these.

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