Interview with Erika of Fashion Chalet!

I'm sure you guys all know Erika, the sweetheart behind Fashion Chalet. Well I was lucky enough to interview her (old school style - with pen and paper) to know more about the adorable fashionista:

And in return she interviewed me! Here's my interview:

I hope you guys enjoyed that!


(F21 shirt and shorts, Urban Outfitters scarf,H&M tights, BCBG heels)
I decided to dress my friend Izzy and then take some pics of her trotting around in the law quad. It's so pretty there in the spring time - lucky law students!

I love how the color of the shorts pop.

It was actually pretty chilly on that day, but she faked it pretty well. Oh the things we do for fashion...

♫ Iron and Wine - Boy With a Gun

saturday night, neon lights

(blazer H&M, J.Crew tank, BCBG shorts, Dolce Vita Shoes, tiffany bracelet, random tights)

These shoes are amazing - and I rarely ever get to wear them without getting crazy stares. But I decided to bust them out for a trip to the mall - where I finally purchased a romper! (not to worry my dears - you will see it soon!)

I got the shoes as a Christmas present, but I think they're selling these at Urban now - and I think they're on-sale! I love bird-cage shoes, I just can't get enough of them. And I'm currently lusting after these:

Yes my loves - YSL inspired cage shoes from Topshop!! I know these shoes will go flying off the racks when Topshop makes its New York debut on Thursday. Sadly I wont be within less than 100 miles of a Topshop until I jet off to NYC for the summer. *sadness*

But those of you in the city - I'm sure you ALL are going to make Broadway & Broome your first stop on Thursday!

And if any of you were wondering - these were taking in my basement at home - yes I was a ballerina for ten years - so my parents converted my basement into a studio. But now I sadly don't have time for it anymore!

♫ Stars - Take me to the riot

i'm all dressed up and i'm ready to play

(H&M jacket and tights, Vintage skirt and necklaces, Forever 21 top, Michael Kors heels)

I am SOOO in LOVEEE with these shoes. My mom got them on SUPER discount at the MK store - I think they were something like... $34? Crazy.

Mary Emma (who took the pics) is trying to teach me how to model here. That's only reason these poses are somewhat better... lol. But I fail as a model - I cant even keep a straight face.

Yes, that is a piece of artwork. Mary Emma and I sooo got yelled at for this.


It was art for art's sake.

♫ Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out

making movies, out the on the street

(H&M top, belt, and skirt, American Apparel tights, Preview Shoes, vintage bracelets)

So I was catching up on some much needed fashion 411 - after my dreaded econ exam - and I saw this Heidi Mount Chanel ad for about the 800th time -

but this time it gave me a burning desire to purchase white tights! So this is my less pricey take on Chanel S/S 09! It's pretty simple but the subtleties definitely make the outfit. I am a huge fan of the white tights - they are loveee. But I've gotten very many funny stares trodding around campus in them - if only they understood!

♫ Hard-fi - Stars of CCTV

Into the Woods

(Dresses: Chloe, BCBG, ABS, Calvin Klein, Tracey Reese, Sweater: Banana Republic, Skirt: Jonathan Saunders for Target, Hair accessories: Marc by Marc)

This is a shoot that I styled for SHEI Magazine (fashion mag. on campus at Umich) - Can you guess what my inspiration was? I'll give you a hint... prince charming, wicked witch, enchanted castles....

I think you get my drift. Most of the clothes are mine, but I want to give a huge shout-out to Francesca who let me borrow from her BEYOND AMAZING jewelry collection for the shoot. She honestly has a collection which we can only dream of. I hope you do enjoy these pictures!

Also a huge thanks to Helen, my photographer for making the pictures look so damn good.

This will be featured in the newest issue of our magazine coming out next month - yes we only produce ONE magazine per year - its sad, but we have very limited funding.

Yes, I did the hair and the makeup - so if it looks horrible - that's all me!

Also - (shameless plug)- if you guys like my blog, please follow me on bloglovin!!

you're the only song i want to hear

( Club Monaco shirt & bracelet, Jonathan Saunders for target skirt, Zara shoes, H&M backseam tights, Chanel watch, Tiffany Watch )

It was a beautiful 64 degrees out the other day - so I had to take some pics. Although this means that my allergies are going CRAZY. *sighs* It's a small price to pay for the great weather I guess.

I cannot get enough of these shoes - every time I look at them I want to put them on. I've also decided that the Target Go collection is about the best budget shopping ever - sadly the Alexander McQueen collection hasn't come to my Target yet.

In other news - who's pumped for JIL SANDLER FOR UNIQULO!? (i don't even have a Uniqulo near me - but I shall bee in the City over the summer - so hopefully I'll get to scope out the collection then!)

Anddd Marc and Lorenzo are ENGAGED!?!? I can't wait to see the wedding pics!

What a week it's been for the fashion world!!

♫ Death Cab for Cutie - Soul Meets Body

now take me dancing, at the disco

(images from tfs)
These are AMAZINGG images from the April issue of Vogue China. They were shot by Solve Sundsbo - a photographer that (i must admit) I'm not too familar with - but this sure is proof that he is a very talented individual! I absolutely LOVEEE Magdalena Frackowaik - Ever since the dior couture anniversary in 07 - she has become one of my favorite models.

She looks fabulous here - and I really like how the make use of the balloons in this shoot! I want my life to be like this - bright colors, couture, and an amazing photographer to take my picture!!!

So it looks like I will be interning in New York this summer!! (YESSSS.) Will I be seeing any of you fabulous bloggers in the city?

♫ Goldfrapp - Ride a White Horse