nobody near me except that red neon light

(F21 jacket, H&M top and jeans, Steve Madden shoes, Chanel bag, Banana Republic bangle)

I've wanted to wear this faux fur shrug for ever! But it hasn't been warm enough till now - the shirt is actually sheer - I bought it at H&M when I was in NYC - it was the last one left and a size 12 - but I wanted it so bad, and I absolutely love the fit!

Sorry that you can't really see the outfit in these pics - I love the way they look though! Special thanks to Zara who took the pics!

Thanks for all you guys who read my blog - I just started it a month ago - and I can't believe people actually care about my random musings. But in case anyone wants to know more about me - here's a survey:

Basic Info
Name: Jessica
Birthdate: August 31st.
Birthplace: Hunan, China
Current Location: Ann Arbor, MI

What's Your....

Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Ethnicity: Chinese
Favorite Food: crepes and gelato. OHH and SUSHI!!
Favorite Drink: water or a fruit smoothie
Bedtime: ... it varies DRASTICALLY... yesterday i went to bed at 3
Favorite Color(s): right now - nude and yellow
Favorite Bands: I'm currently listening to a bit of everything - Hard-fi, Kyo, Metric, Oasis, DCFC, Wilco, Scooter, Pheonix...etc.
Favorite Genre: ... again i dont really have a favorite I love techno & britpop though!
Candy: watermelon sour patch kids
Favorite Animal: Flamingo!! ofcourse!
Favorite Store: god - this is a bad question - I shop everywhere - Club Monaco, H&M, thrifting...
Most Missed Memory: growing up in China.
Best Physical Feature: errr... i like... umm.. my fingers?
Overused Phrase: OMG.
First Thought Waking Up: TEN MORE MINUTESS!!
Weakness: shopping, ice cream, SHOES.
Fears: bees, bugs ---- my closet burning down.
School's Name: University of Michigan
Favorite TV Show: Project Runwayy!!
Major: Art History and Economics
Favorite Celeb: Oh gosh so many - I love Freida Pinto, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and let's not forget MK&A!


Clothes: skinnys, f21 tee, a cardigan from club monaco
Shoes: Gold BCBG flats.
Make-Up: none. (i know embarrassing!!)
Hair Do: flatironed and down
Phone: black razr. - i know so lame - but my cool sony ericsson just COMPLETELY stopped working a week ago - and i've never dropped it or anything! - so now i'm stuck with my old phone.
Song: Little Angel - Hard-fi
Location: my teeny tiny studio apartment
Weather: mm... luke-warm at a comfy 46 degrees.
Website(s): THIS BLOG!!

I actually have a HUGEE econ midterm coming up on Thrusday, so this is probably all you'll hear from me till then! Wish me luck!

♫ Hard-fi - Little Angel


  1. OMG do you have the 2.55 by Chanel!!?? that's my dreaming bag (but in black) you're so lucky!
    kisses ♥

  2. Love love love that top!


  3. Lovely jacket and sexy shoes. I want to meet Karl anddd the Olsens, hopefully we can all become best friends!! Can you imagine?? :]

    The best part of being Miranda is not having to wait for "The Book" haha because somebody messengers it over to us at home every night! lol..


  4. I love that jacket! I'm loving animal print right now :D
    x. mavi

  5. Love the leopard jacket, it's so fun! Gotta love Forever 21 for their cheap-n-chic clothes!


  6. cute outfit! your jeans fit so well :D

  7. your outfit are so cool!! yeah :)

  8. i want your bag but in black, and i want want want those shoes! :) thanks for visiting my blog ! x

  9. i like your little bag!!!!!!

  10. I'm so jealous of your leopard fur shrug...It is perfection.

    And that blouse is gorgeous.

    Take care gorgeous.

  11. Great outfit, love your jacket and your shoes !

  12. Oh my Gosh, and the time "Emily" put the book on the top of the stairs was absurd!!!!! ack!! LOL..

    Thanks for the compliment, gorgeous. Hope all is well. I'm just counting down the days until we can take over NYC's streets and magazines!! ;] haha!


  13. Thes photos are so cool! And you look amazing, great styling:)

  14. thank you very much. i love your blog! and i'm in love with leopard...and pink. story of my room. haha but ya. glad to know someone has good taste in reading.

  15. Nice outfit!! and gourgeous bag&shoes *.*

  16. so cute! the sheer top is great and i love the effect of the background lights in the picture

  17. is that a chanel bag? you lucky girl! :) love the coat & the shoes are stunning too

  18. I really love your style and your blog in general! I; ll put your link on my blog ;)