paper dreams

(H&M dress, F21 Tights and Bracelet, Steve Madden Shoes)

So Christina has the most amazing legs... EVERR. This outfit is rather simple - but i do think it makes quite a bold statement. I was obsessed with those steps - I guess this is unintentionally gossip girl inspired. Yay for preppy outfits and MET-like steps!

Today is 61 degrees. SIXTY-ONE! I'm going to run around outside in a tank top - Michigan is finally warming up!! YESSSSS.

I totally got the most amazing pair of geeky glasses yesterday - I'm very excited to make a post about them.

Also - does someone want to give me a ticket to paris so I can go to fashion week - AND to the colette gallery so I can see this?

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Yes, the Kaiser put together a Barbie and Ken exhibition at the Colette gallery in Paris - If you guys are in the area - go check it out! As for me - I can only drool at the pics online. *sighs*

♫ The Kooks - She moves in her own way


  1. I wish I could go see this in Paris as well :-(
    Those photos are fantastic. I am loving the shoes.

  2. Love those red tights, and of course gotta love the Gossip Girl inspiration. When is it coming back with new episodes, I'm going through withdrawal! Anyways, I feel you on the warmth, it's in the 60's in Ohio today too and it feels like summer! Thanks so much for linking to my blog in your blogroll, I added yours to mine as well!


  3. Christina looks great :) Nicely done. When are we doing a shoot together? Hmm?

    I would give anything to be a Barbie model someday. *Sigh*

  4. Gorgeous!! Love those heels!!
    and thank youu, darling =]


  5. This outfit is gorgeous. And I agree, her legs are amazing--I'm jealous!

  6. haha same post song :)

    I love these pics, the shoes are to die for. And I can't wait to see your geeky glasses- I'm totally on the hunt myself.

  7. ur friend has the most amazing legs ever. i don't think she needs all that. ask her if she'd like to donate two inches. hehe
    and i thought barbie and ken broke up no?

  8. Oh yes, these red tights are fantastic and so is the dress! You look fab. BTW, I love the Kooks!

  9. Love your look ! You're so stylish !

  10. yeah! amazing legs!!

    love the dress!!


  11. Wow, I love the shoes!
    And The Kooks are great. That song was my alarmclock for a while: I always woke up happy!

  12. love the tights and the shoes!

  13. i really think someone needs gorgeous long legs to carry off red tights & she does it perfectly! loving the new header(?) too :)

  14. ooh i love these pictures. this reminds me i need other colors of tights besides black! lovely blog, i love those studded heels u have too. and i can't believe 61 degrees is actually hot! that is really cold here in california =X i really want 90 degree weather right now!

  15. Hey! Thanks for the comment! I am loving your blog!

    Swap links?

  16. I love those photos!
    Excited to see the glasses!

  17. you look absolutely stunning, vogue for sure :) x

  18. Love the GG reference. Yay for preppy outfits & steps!