Ruffles & Recess.

Hey guys, sorry its been so unbearably long since my last post. I have been crazy busy with interning and working and attempting to have somewhat of a social life without becoming an insomniac.

New York has been amazing, although I wish I had more time to explore its many wonders. I've been meaning to check out the High Line - the new "futuristic" park in the meatpacking. I also have yet to find time to roam around MoMA - my favorite museum in the city. But alas - I need to stick to things that won't break the bank. Any suggestions for cheap eats? Especially brunch? around the west village?

Quick shot of what I wore yesterday:

(Club Monaco shirt, J.Crew belt, F21 Shorts, Steve Madden sandals)

I did discover the most amazing little cafe on tenth and university. It's called Recess and I swear its frozen yogurt is ten times better than Pinkberry. But this time I decided to indulge in their small treats. =D

Shall We Balmain it?

(Target Vest, F21 Tank, Zara Shoes)

It was raining on my day off - so I decided to make good use of my time by snapping some artsy shots with help from my tripod. Sorry the images are kinda pixelated - the lighting was horrible.

This is also my ode to the amazing beyond amazing Balmain spring '09 collection. I am slowly collecting cheap DIY-esque pieces to complete my faux collection. Next Stop: Bleached jeans - but ones that are not too overdone.

Also - I got the amazing chance to see Ed Westwick at Bloomingdale's. He's ten times more attractive in person - here's some pics that I managed to snap - although I totally felt bad about it.

oh, and highlight of my day - He blew me a kiss. No joke.

PS. How do you guys like the new header?

past and present.

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(Club Monaco shirt, DIY shorts, Chloe Sunglasses, Asos Flats)

My roommate snapped some pics of me outside the church across the street. Its an incredibly beautiful church but it seems completely out of place in the middle of Manhattan. But that's the beauty of Manhattan, one minute you're in a gothic church, the next you're standing next to a futuristic building by Gehry. I never want to leave New York.

More about the outfit - I got these amazing pink flats from Asos a while ago, and I haven't busted them out till now, I'm not sure if they look amazing with the outfit - but I had to take them out. And this is hands down my favorite summer shirt, its so light and airy but girly and feminine at the same time. The back is super cool - its a shame we didn't capture it in pictures.

On a random tangent, Robert Pattinson was filming a movie on my street yesterday - the crowd of screaming girls was ridiculous. I went as moral support for my roomie, because I don't like him or find him attractive at all, but even she was shocked at the little girls who skipped out on private school to see him walk down a street. I think sometimes we forget that they're just normal people...

let this be our little secret

(H&M top & skirt, Jeffery Campbell flats, MAC lipstick in Show Orchid - I'm so obsessed with it!)

I got to go to the "Model as Muse" exhibit at the MET over the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed it - although the massive crowds of people in the exhibit was a bit off-putting. It was probably one of my favorite exhibitions that I've seen at the MET - and I'm an art history geek - so that's saying something. It really tried to understand the role of the model through time - and the interplay of fashion and photography was very well thought out. I would highly recommend this exhibit to anyone who loves fashion and or photography. I went with my roommate (an up-and-coming photographer) and she absolutely loved it.

I also almost bought a pastel green tutu today - but I resisted due to lack of sufficient funds. Instead I bring you this fairy-tale-esque editorial from numero 104 to satisfy my cravings for flouncy princess dresses.

It's Vlada (one of my all-time favorite girls) shot by Greg Kadel. I've noticed that a lot of the editorial I've posted were shot by him - I really like his style!

i need to go on holiday.

(images from

Had a crazy week, but the weekend is coming soon, and I finally got a chance to catch up on all the resort shows via My two favorites (so far, as i haven't gotten to look at all of them) are most definitely the Yigal Azrouƫl and the Burberry Prorsum shows. I was floored by the turbans at the Yigal show, they look so chic and I absolutely loved the Moroccan influences. I feel that the Burberry show is at the other end of the spectrum, but Christopher Bailey is a genius when it comes to tailoring and creating the perfect silhouette. There is something so effortlessly cool about every piece.

I also loved the shorts at Marc and the bright pops of color at Jason Wu. I was shocked by miu miu which seemed to revert to a more classic and feminine look - I particularly adore the colors in that show. As for the other shows - I wasn't too impressed with Marc by Marc, and I only really liked one look from Chanel, Alexander Wang was mediocre, and DVF seemed to be playing it safe.

But thats just what I think, your thoughts?

Dreamin of Lanvin

Sorry my posts have been slow - I am SO SOOO busy, but I'm trying to update as much as I can!

(H&M dress, F21 sunglasses, Jeffery Campbell sandals, H&M belt, Fendi Bag)

I fell in love with this bright orange number from H&M. Actually the dress was originally two sizes too big, but with some savvy sewing skills and strategic pinning I got it to fit! It reminds me of the Lanvin spring summer 08 collection - one of my favorite collections of all time! If only this dress had ruffles too... but I guess that's pushing my luck.

I visited my favorite dessert place uptown, went to the Met, had the best lychee ice cream ever, and I enjoyed a lovely fruit salad on the steps of Columbia. Oh and I freely indulged in pinkberry and Crumbs cupcakes:

Maybe I'll use my free gym pass next weekend?

I tried to do handstands for you...

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I reached New York last Sunday, and I've been crazy busy ever since.

I haven't been able to do any shoots in the city yet because I've been insanely busy but my roomate at NYU is a photographer, so look forward to more outfit posts soon. But here are some shots that I took before I got to NY:

(Zara Shirt, F21 shorts, Aldo Shoes, F21 scarf)

Also I feel the need to inform you all that Lady Gaga chose to wear a dress by Jeremy Scott in her new Paparrazi video:

She's wearing this adorable number by Jeremy at the end of the video -

The dress is one of my favorite pieces from that collection, and Lady Gaga almost looks good in it! Stay tuned for more updates from New York!