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(Club Monaco shirt, DIY shorts, Chloe Sunglasses, Asos Flats)

My roommate snapped some pics of me outside the church across the street. Its an incredibly beautiful church but it seems completely out of place in the middle of Manhattan. But that's the beauty of Manhattan, one minute you're in a gothic church, the next you're standing next to a futuristic building by Gehry. I never want to leave New York.

More about the outfit - I got these amazing pink flats from Asos a while ago, and I haven't busted them out till now, I'm not sure if they look amazing with the outfit - but I had to take them out. And this is hands down my favorite summer shirt, its so light and airy but girly and feminine at the same time. The back is super cool - its a shame we didn't capture it in pictures.

On a random tangent, Robert Pattinson was filming a movie on my street yesterday - the crowd of screaming girls was ridiculous. I went as moral support for my roomie, because I don't like him or find him attractive at all, but even she was shocked at the little girls who skipped out on private school to see him walk down a street. I think sometimes we forget that they're just normal people...


  1. I thought the flats were lavender. Either way I love them!!

  2. adorable shoes!! they bring so much personality to your look

  3. i love the shoes and the shorts! that is pretty cool about u seeing rp and i agree they really are just people doing a job its not like we would follow around plumbers just because they're plumbers would we :D


  4. Love the shoes too.;D Lovely, hope to see more from you. Have a great day.;D

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    Job Hunter

  5. YOUR SHOES!!! pretty purple =)

  6. This are very good photos! I love your outfit
    the shoes go perfectly well

  7. Merci pour ton commentaire ! au moins un pour une petite nouvelle sur la toile comme moi !! lol

    j'adore tes papiers, si chics et spontanés en même temps !

    Je me ferai un plaisir de t'expliquer le poème de Baudelaire, si tu le souhaites !

    Enjoy !

  8. ooh, love the shorts and shoes.. btw how can you NOT like robert pattinson?!:O:O heee is soooooooo cuuuuteeee :D:D did you saw him?!!! anyway if you did saw him, then you were SOOOOO damn lucky..
    sorry about the bad english :)
    have a nice day

  9. I love your shoes they add the perfect touch of color.

  10. these pictures are so pretty! that door is amazing, i bet the church is even prettier!

  11. lovely outfit and shoes :)

    the photos are wonderful. They look so pretty.


  12. I love your distressed shorts! I've been trying to distress a skirt like that but I can't seem to get it right!

    Oh and that door is incredible.

  13. i also think that the shoes really make the look unique

  14. oh jessica i never want you to leave new york too!!!! :-D these pics look great and those shoes are really cool.

  15. I want to steal your shoes from you--so cute!

  16. Such a cute outfit! I'm so jealous of those shoes!

  17. He blew u a kiss...too kool for words! I love ur new header too! I hope u enjoyed our NY!