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Summer is well upon us, even though the humidity and spontaneous downpour in Shanghai makes one think otherwise. Every summer I find myself, like so many others I'm sure, craving for ethnic prints and rich vivid hues that will highlight my newly acquired tan complexion. Yes, Yes, Tanning kills.I am aware that in China people are supposed to have ghastly pale skin. No I do not want face bleaching products. But thank you for your concern.

This summer I've become increasingly attracted to everything Bombay. Elaborate embroidered patterns, sari-esque draping, gold jewelry and particularly Indian style scarves. I'm a firm believer the scarf is a year-round accessory. I'm sure that the inventor of the scarf must have been a genius of sorts.

Anyway, enough babble. I hope you guys enjoy my little mood board. <3

Paris ---> Shanghai

(F21 Top, Zara Skirt, H&M Oxfords & Glasses)

God, I know I'm crap at updating this blog. A million apologies. My last week in Paris was probably the busiest week I had in months. Leaving Paris is always so hard, but perhaps for the best because my bank account is much happier now that I don't have to use Euros everywhere. But it's a weird feeling. I've called Paris home for the last 4 months and yet I feel like I'm only just beginning to know the city. It's quite unsettling, leaving your friends and places that are familiar to you - without knowing when you'll see them again. But I have been told that good friends never seem to have been away for very long.

Anyway, after a long 18 hours with a transfer in Doha, Qatar (yes, that's in the middle east) I'm finally in Shanghai. I'll be doing an product marketing internship for a fashion label here this summer. I hope I'll like this internship better than some of the others that I've had. I've yet to find anything that I REALLY want to get into.

Hopefully I'll update more while I'm here without the thrills of Paris constantly tempting me!! Till next time! <3

PS. This look got me featured as the blogger of the day on!! Thanks Weardrobe staff!!

Here comes the sun

(H&M Top & heels, Urban Outfitters Dress)

I'd just like to announce that I've been wearing neon nail polish non-stop for the last three weeks. I can't get enough of it - and the embarrassing part is that I only have TWO colors! Both from Essie's neon collection last summer (punchy pink and funky limelight) but I would love more!! So if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear them!

I was making the rounds at TFS and was awestruck at this editorial of Suzanne Diaz by Marcus Ohlsson from the June issue of Velvet mag. Be warned - theres slight nudity.

Miss Zimmerman you're so badass.

Amazing editorial of Raquel Zimmerman by David Sims for the July Issue of Vogue Paris. I love the styling - and ofcourse Raquel can make ANYTHING look amazing - even that crazy Warhol-esque hair that she has going on in that first pic.

These last few weeks are going to be extremely busy for me, but I'm going to make a conscious effort to update more. lol. We'll see how that goes...

(vintage sweater, H&M necklace, tights & socks, F21 shorts, Etam shoes)

I saw this necklace in the H&M magazine (which I always grab because it really is a very well organized magazine ) and fell in love instantly. Best part was, it only set me back 12 euros! Ahhh I love H&M prices!

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