Paris ---> Shanghai

(F21 Top, Zara Skirt, H&M Oxfords & Glasses)

God, I know I'm crap at updating this blog. A million apologies. My last week in Paris was probably the busiest week I had in months. Leaving Paris is always so hard, but perhaps for the best because my bank account is much happier now that I don't have to use Euros everywhere. But it's a weird feeling. I've called Paris home for the last 4 months and yet I feel like I'm only just beginning to know the city. It's quite unsettling, leaving your friends and places that are familiar to you - without knowing when you'll see them again. But I have been told that good friends never seem to have been away for very long.

Anyway, after a long 18 hours with a transfer in Doha, Qatar (yes, that's in the middle east) I'm finally in Shanghai. I'll be doing an product marketing internship for a fashion label here this summer. I hope I'll like this internship better than some of the others that I've had. I've yet to find anything that I REALLY want to get into.

Hopefully I'll update more while I'm here without the thrills of Paris constantly tempting me!! Till next time! <3

PS. This look got me featured as the blogger of the day on!! Thanks Weardrobe staff!!


  1. Loooove the outfit. Really cool. The details on the top are so great.

  2. I hope the internship works out for you. Sometimes It's hard to find something that suits you.

    I really like your blog and I linked to you on my blog.

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  3. im a bit crap at updates too .. its summertime though .. all is forgiven ;)
    i love the chains on your tank .. ive been looking for some chain inspired stuff

  4. love your outfit, to die for.
    can i ask a favor? can you put my blog on your 'love love love' list? that'd be amazing.

    keep up the amazing posts! hah.

  5. I love the dramatic look of the photographs!
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  6. I miss Shanghai so much...white and black always classic