I love my bike.

( Target Vest, F21 shorts & sunglasses, H&M tank, Aldo Wedges )

Finally back from my European excursions. I'll be staying in Paris for the rest of my time here (until the June 21st and then it's off to Shanghai I go - to intern, of course ). Sadly I won't be heading back to the US until the last week of August! I've already been gone for 6 months and it feels like FOREVER since I've seen my friends! Oh well, life goes on. Hehe.

That up there is my lovely bike. I bought her just for my stay here in Paris, and will sadly have to give her up when I leave. But I absolutely love biking in the city, it's so much more efficient and enjoyable than riding the stuffy metro.

Anyway, Primavera Sound was absolutely amazing. I saw SOOO many great bands - The XX, Matt & Kim, The Pixies, Wilco, Spoon, Florence + the Machine, as well as a lot of new bands that I really love! I would highly recommend it to anyone who going to be in Barcelona next summer. Everyone there was decked out in their festival ensembles - and needless to say the crowd looked impeccable. I wish I was able to take some streetwear photos, but I only had my super shitty point & shoot because they wouldn't let "professional" cameras in.

But I did manage to find some pictures of the shows:

Broken Social Scene

Grizzly Bear

Matt & Kim

The XX - one of my favorite shows of the festival!

Florence + the Machines



C'est Vraiment Chouette

(H&M Top, F21 Cardigan & Jeans, Sam Edleman Boots )

Wore this outfit because I was anticipating it to be 65 degrees in Paris the other day, turns out weather.com lies and it only reached 60. Bummer. I'm so sick of rainy and grey weather, I'm ready to bust out some summer clothing, and not freeze my ass off whilst wearing it!

Today was one of the most fabulous days I've had in a while. I went shopping - FOR CLASS!! We were talking about Haussmanization and the introduction of the department store to Paris, and we actually had class in the stores! A little tip for those heading to Paris in the near future - at the department store Printemps on Boulevard Haussmann there's a rooftop terrace cafe with AMAZING views of the city. I never knew it existed until today!

After our glamorous outing to the Saks & Neimans of Paris, I went to a dinner party in the ultra chic 7th arrondissement. The apartment itself was like something out of my dreams. Penthouse, of course, with an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower, and decorated with the most phenomenal antique furniture I've ever seen in my life. Golden sunlight was streaming through the floor to ceiling windows which led out to a balcony. The chairs were covered in the same kind of silk that Marie Antoinette used for her walls in Versailles. He even had sets of SEVRES porcelain! (Sorry going into my nerd mode). But it's like something out of a dream, never did I think my Parisan excursions would lead me to such an amazing apartment.

But what was EVEN MORE impressive than the furniture and the apartment was the food. We had perfectly sliced foie gras, impossibly thin prosciutto, fine aged French cheese, a HUGE box of Laduree Macarons, and bottles upon bottles of really wonderful red wine. The host was ever so nice and it was really one of the most enjoyable evenings I've spent here in the city. I can't believe how lucky I am!

Pictures from that to come!

Also, I'll be in Germany for the next four days, I'll be back in Paris for 24 hours, then I'll be going to Barcelona for the Primavera Sound Festival!!! I'm so so excited!! Let me know if any of you are going to be there, I'd love to meet up!

Treasures Found in the Marais...

I was strolling in the ever-fashionable Marais the other day when I stumbled upon what can only be described as Paris' most comprehensive cake and cupcake shop! It's called Berko but I've already forgotten which street it's on... I want to say rue vielle du temple, but I'm not sure. Being an avid fan of food porn - it was only natural that I took pictures of everything in sight! I had a mini red velvet cupcake and I must say it rivals the red velvet at Magnolias... and definitely better than the one at Crumbs (both in NYC). But I don't know if my opinion is worth anything - you have to go try for yourself!

Oh, and a quick shot of what I wore... nothing too exciting...

( H&M Dress and Blouse, Urban Outifitters Scarf, Asos Dot tights, Club Monaco Belt )

Also... cool photo from the summer issue of i-d

hotel de ville

( H&M Blazer and tights, Dress from China, Club Monaco Belt, Nine West tights )

Wore this during a lucky streak of semi-warm weather here in Paris. When I came here, I thought that it was just going to be sunny and warm all the time - I don't know why, because it's even further north than Michigan is.... Prehaps it was because I assumed that Parsians are well dressed and therefore the weather should be accommodating... or.. something. Haha. Good logic, I know.

So Met Gala last week in NYC, I found the outfits to be rather boring. I mean, almost everyone looked good, but there was no drama or excitement - except for, ofcourse, the lovely Coco Rocha's Zac Posen number. And WHYY were the Olsens MIA at this year's Met Gala?!? It was disappointing.

In more exciting news, President Barack Obama was the commencement speaker at (my) graduation ceremony. Okay, so technically I'm not graduating till December, but you have to attend the ceremony in June, and that was supposed to be my graduation ceremony, even though I wasn't able to attend. It's still cool to say that he was at my graduation. Extremely eloquent that Obama. I'm very sad that I had to miss it, but you know... at least I'm in Paris.

In other news, the spring issue of i-D mag is FILLED with awesome editorials! It features Freja, Sasha, Maricarla, Abbey, Dree... just to name a few.

Blue Skies & Sunny Shores

( H&M Glasses, Dress, and Blouse, Kenneth Cole Sandals)

This denim blouse from H&M is probably one of the best purchases I ever made this summer - I find myself wearing it nearly every single day. I'm even contemplating buying another H&M Denim blouse so I can have them in rotation! And the nerdy H&M glasses are another great purchase - I can't believe I found them as it's super difficult for me to find frames that don't look stupid on me, but I always have these on as well. H&M should thank me for being a walking advertisement!! I really do need to stop shopping there so much, but its so hard!

Oh and as promised, here are some pictures from my two weeks in paradise: