Treasures Found in the Marais...

I was strolling in the ever-fashionable Marais the other day when I stumbled upon what can only be described as Paris' most comprehensive cake and cupcake shop! It's called Berko but I've already forgotten which street it's on... I want to say rue vielle du temple, but I'm not sure. Being an avid fan of food porn - it was only natural that I took pictures of everything in sight! I had a mini red velvet cupcake and I must say it rivals the red velvet at Magnolias... and definitely better than the one at Crumbs (both in NYC). But I don't know if my opinion is worth anything - you have to go try for yourself!

Oh, and a quick shot of what I wore... nothing too exciting...

( H&M Dress and Blouse, Urban Outifitters Scarf, Asos Dot tights, Club Monaco Belt )

Also... cool photo from the summer issue of i-d


  1. those shoes on the first photos is so loveable <3

  2. ha ha food porn. Always yummy....
    I really want some of those cup cakes now.

    I love the door you're standing in front of. Very European. When I was in Europe, one of the things I loved was the much more interesting than in Canada

    Christy from Dress Rehearsal

  3. LOVE your outfit! + a great post.
    Will start following this blog right away :)

  4. thanks for posting this i love this blog, full of information and very informative, thanks for this.

  5. Oh my god that heel I wanna pay anything for them. I love them