like a riot, like a riot - oh!

Don't you wish YOUR little brother looked this good?!

Okay so this isn't MY brother - but Alex is by far the best dressed 14-year-old I know. I've always wished that I had a brother so I can pick out his clothes - I love going shopping for guys clothes (and wearing them). Sadly, I'm an only child. It has it's perks when you're young, but now I sincerely wish I had a sibling.

One rarely meets a boy who dresses well - especially from such a young age. Alex is most definitely his own person and one who's fun to be around. I'm excited to see what he wears next - and I'm sure you will see him here again!

ps. don't you adore his Christian Siriano-esque haircut? I can't get enough of it!

emitting frequencies lost between the leaves and things

Sigrid Argen by Greg Kadel for Numero 103.

I loveee the feel of these pics - they're so summery and make me want to picnic in the forest! In other news - more food shots of my favorite sushi place in Shanghai.

Eating dessert!

And yes, that is a blue french manicure - I've always wanted one so I got it done right before I came back to the US. Its weird, but I absolutely adore it!

Also since I was in desperate need of wedges for the summer I picked up these Ann Demeulemeester inspired beauties at Aldo! Hope you like!

Come on turn up the sun

Hey guys, I'm FINALLY back in the US where Blogger is not censored - YAY. I'll be home for a week before I fly to New York to intern! I'm sooo excited!! Hopefully I'll be able to get more fashion insight to blog about there!

My friend and I decided to do faux photoshoot in my backyard since the weather is fantastic - hope you like!

( On Me: Zara Shirt, Club Monaco Belt, H&M Skirt, Hermes Bangle, BCBG Heels On Kim: Club Monaco Shirt, My DIY Shorts, Nine West Heels, Chanel Jewelry )

A taste of Beijing

I'm finally back from Beijing, but I've found out that Blogger is currently blocked in China, thus I am blogging to you from a proxy site, which I probabably shouldn't be doing, but... a girl needs to blog!! Lets just hope that this proxy site doesnt get blocked as well - stupid chinese censorship...

Anyway on to more exciting things - heres a picture recap of my weekend in Beijing!

We went to the forbidden city:

... and to tiananmen square:

(me and homeboy mao. lol.)

The next day we went to the great wall - the greatest workout of my life...

and we visited the birds nest, the national theatre, and the watercube - and ive gotta say the watercube is my favorite out of the three

Then we visited this awesome renovated factory - called 789 - which is now full of contemporary art galleries - it was probably my favorite place that we visited but sadly we couldn't take any pictures =(

anyway, I dont know how many more posts I can make from China - seeing that blogger is blocked - so I might not be able to post again till next weekend ... it sucks... but... what can you do?


I got up INSANELY early today to wait in line to purchase pieces from the Matthew Williamson H&M collection. The store opened at 10 - I was already waiting in line by 8. There were already a good 15 people ahead of me in line. The girl infront of me had the most amazing pair of circular Chanel sunglasses - but sadly she did not want her picture taken.

At 8:30 the line behind me looked like this:

Sadly I couldn't get pictures of the whole line seeing as I was waiting in line myself

The doors opened promptly at 10 AM - and there was a mad rush up the escalators - since the collection was on the second floor. In all the haste - a very rude woman nearly pushed me off the escalator!!

I would say items stayed on the floor for about 3 to 4 minutes, and by 10:05 every single rack was empty.

Here's a quick snapshot of the commotion - sorry about the bad quality pic guys ( i was clutching onto my pieces for dear life )

After making a few switches with other shoppers, I happily headed toward the register with all the items that I wanted to get, and they even came in this nice matthew williamson bag!

This is what I came home with:

I'm pretty very satisfied and I'm pretty excited to style all of these pieces!

I will be heading to Beijing until Monday, so I don't think I'll be able to make any blog posts till then - but I shall leave you with a quick snapshot of what I wore today

( F21 top, H&M harem pants, Express belt, Charles david sandals )

Till monday! <3

ps. I hope you all like the new Lily Cole banner - she's one of my favorite models!


I desperately needed a pair of cutoffs, and thus I decided to transform some old flares into a pair of distressed shorts a l'alexander wang. Here's what the finished product looks like:

I think I may have overdid the fringing a little bit...but here they are on their first trip out!

( F21 shirt, DIY shorts, Jeffery Campbell sandals )

sorry for the lack of exciting footwear, I tried to keep the number of pairs of shoes I brought to Shanghai to a minimum - I also tried to pick shoes that would be conducive to lots of walking - thus I left all of my heels at home!

i believe in gentle harmony

( Zara tank, F21 shorts, Banana Republic necklace, Nine West flats)

We went to Pudong today, (thats the part of shanghai that's on the other side of the river) I think I think I like it much better than the city center. Its much greener and much less polluted over here (or so it seems). That building which looks like a set of large bowls that I'm infront of is the Shanghai Theater - designed by the same architect who did the birds nest. its a pretty awesome building.

I just picked up this shirt at Zara the other day and I've been dying it wear it - I was sold by the drapery and the zipper detail! Oh, and here's a closeup of the necklace:

In other news, my new favorite photographer is Solve Sundsubo. I think you can see why:

shanghai lovin

( Thakoon for Target dress, vintage vest, H&M belt, Jeffery Campbell gladiator sandals )

I decided to do a little touristy sight seeing yesterday - but apparently they're doing renovations around the Bund area (shanghai's infamous riverside promenade with swanky restaurants and the best view of the skyline). Thus the only view of the skyline that I managed to get were from a little bridge on one end of the river. It was an extremely hot day so i thought it fitting to wear a light flouncy dress - I got it ages ago but who was going to wear this dress in the middle of winter?

Also, we went to Nanjing Lu which is like the times square of Shanghai - lots of lights and fancy shops and ridiculous amounts of people. I managed to snap some quick shots of the street:

And ofcourse, your daily food shot - these are a shanghai speciality - i guess you can call them "watery dumplings" they're basically dumplings with savory soup-like liquid inside - sounds gross, but tastes divine.