I got up INSANELY early today to wait in line to purchase pieces from the Matthew Williamson H&M collection. The store opened at 10 - I was already waiting in line by 8. There were already a good 15 people ahead of me in line. The girl infront of me had the most amazing pair of circular Chanel sunglasses - but sadly she did not want her picture taken.

At 8:30 the line behind me looked like this:

Sadly I couldn't get pictures of the whole line seeing as I was waiting in line myself

The doors opened promptly at 10 AM - and there was a mad rush up the escalators - since the collection was on the second floor. In all the haste - a very rude woman nearly pushed me off the escalator!!

I would say items stayed on the floor for about 3 to 4 minutes, and by 10:05 every single rack was empty.

Here's a quick snapshot of the commotion - sorry about the bad quality pic guys ( i was clutching onto my pieces for dear life )

After making a few switches with other shoppers, I happily headed toward the register with all the items that I wanted to get, and they even came in this nice matthew williamson bag!

This is what I came home with:

I'm pretty very satisfied and I'm pretty excited to style all of these pieces!

I will be heading to Beijing until Monday, so I don't think I'll be able to make any blog posts till then - but I shall leave you with a quick snapshot of what I wore today

( F21 top, H&M harem pants, Express belt, Charles david sandals )

Till monday! <3

ps. I hope you all like the new Lily Cole banner - she's one of my favorite models!


  1. Matthew williamson is amazing! I love the blue dress , it´s perfect for an evening look, I think

    I´m going to go to H&M right now!!!

  2. i love the advert, it's my fab!
    and you look so pretty!

  3. congrats!! awesome pieces!
    have fun in Pekín ;)

  4. I love the banner, I met her once in the Mexico City Airport, she is absoluteley amazing with no makeup and her beutiful red hair.
    She was wearing converse and a stripped red t-shirt with jeans.
    Very cool girl.

  5. wow so many people there!
    Great pieces of clothing :D

  6. you look AMAZING!! and those lines are crazzzyyy. :D

  7. Wow! Those are some nice items you got. I'm glad you were able to get them. Take care. Enjoy your Friday and weekend.

  8. cute outfit! that bathing suit is stellar.

  9. Amazing post! Great choices I love the Matthew Williamson for HM so much. I especially love the harem pants they are so gorgeous. Shanghai seems awesome i'm so jelous.

  10. i like you a lot!
    firstly, i absolutely love your banner. i don't really like lily cole, but i love her in that image and i love your banner. it's just so elegant and the red is so rich. loveeee it.
    secondly, i LOVE the things you got from the matthew williamson line! some of the pieces weren't really that fab, but some were amazing and you chose the amazing ones. you have great style :)

  11. harem pants are my favorite!! and i love the swimsuit that you bought! =D

  12. Do you think that the Matthew Williams clothes you bought will work to clean my toilets well? Make sure you scrub well, I had burritos for dinner last night.

  13. Girl!! I'm so jealous you got to buy all this!! I just wanted the bikini and the best and 10 minutes after opening it was already gone!!! So sad...


  14. Love your harem pants. The MW pieces look really pretty :)

  15. Really like the outfit you wore!
    Have a good time in Beijing :)

  16. love the new header! your matthew w experience sounds similar to mine! i couldn't believe how quickly everything disappeared! i also picked up that one piece - it was soooo lovely!

  17. so simple, yet so stylish! the harem pants look really good on you, it made a great silhouette.
    SV: i'm so sorry i didn't reply on the shanghai shopping request, i read it and forgot it! but honestly, i really have no idea. haven't been there for 5 years, so now it's your turn to tell me where the good stuff is to be found;)

  18. U r so lucky, the MW collections' amazing. Adore the pants!