I'm alive!!

Hey guys, sorry for the INSANE delays in posting, updates are going to be very sluggish for the next two months as school has been driving me insane. I'm graduating a semester early, which means that I need to cram all my classes for my double major in one semester. I've been passing my time with studying and freaking out about unfinished work. Needless to say my days have been spent at the library laboring over economic philosophy or in the darkroom developing prints for class. I did allow myself to celebrate for a few hours on Halloween, and here's my DIY costume that I threw together the day of!

And here's some shots of my friends that I took for my film photography class:

Iam really REALLY going to try and post sometime in the next month, but if I don't it's probably because I've retreated to an unexplored corner of the library and cut myself off from the real world. :(