Tea in the Lazy Afternoon


Alice's Teacup is the most amazing place ... EVERR. If you guys happen to be in the city, it's def. worth a stop - I highly recommend the scones - they are like a piece of heaven.

( H&M top and tights, Express skirt, Tiffany bracelet, Chanel watch, cardigan i stole from my friend's closet)

It was a pretty laid-back day - hence the lack of exciting clothing. But we did get extremely delicious crepes. Crepes are one of my many weaknesses - I always get them if they're on the menu. Yes I'm well aware that this is not healthy - but one does not go to brunch to expect a healthy meal. Look at how yummy they are!!

Speaking of weaknesses - umm... will anyone be willing to buy these for me? I'm completely smitten. I think you will be too:

They're Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte. Equally amazing are the Louboutins for Rodarte...

*sighs* So many pretty shoes, so little money.


  1. seriously im so hungry now looking at this post!
    (hungry for the shoes too btw :D)

    I linked you back girl!!!!

  2. oh my goddd kdshgoihdf294087 Alice's teacup is my favorite place evahh :)

  3. I live right outside the city, but I go to music school in manhattan and am there at every possible moment. hit me up next time you voyage to ny!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog AND WOW! Those shoes... to die for? YES!

  5. eeeeh!! that looks so tasty xD

    Though american/english tea may have those tasty tarts and biscuits, I'd rather have dim sum xD

  6. Those shoes are insane! WOW! Cute outfit too :]

    Thanks for the comment, lovely!


  7. the skirt is so cute, you look gorgeous, have you had a hair cut? it looks lovely :)

  8. Thank you for writing this. I am one of the owners of Alice's Tea Cup and we love this! We are just now putting together our first cookbook and would love to possibly use this in it?! If you are interested in giving us the ok on this, please email me haley@alicesteacup.com. THANKS!!!