Oh Lolla, If only I wasn't in China...

The worlds of fashion and music seem so often to be intertwined and interdependent. Indeed, music festivals are one of the best places for streetstyle, and dress is an undeniable aspect that sets bands apart (other than music, ofcourse!) Thus it should not come as a suprise that a strong interest in music blossomed from my love for fashion.

All my friends are uploading pictures from Lollapalooza, and I could not be more envious. The line-up is insane this year, and ofcourse, I just happen to be here, on the other side of the world. So to cheer myself up, I decided to make a collage of what I would wear to lolla if teleportation was possible, and I could get the day off from work to go.

Here's the List of Shows I'd want to see:

Day 1:
These United States
The Walkmen
The Big Pink
The New Pornographers
Dirty Projectors / Fuck Buttons / Matt & Kim
(mad dash is necessary between the three stages because they all play at the same time - that'll be my excercise for the day)
The Black Keys / Hot Chip
Lady Gaga / The Strokes

Day 2:
Mimicking Birds
The Soft Pack
Wild Beasts
Stars / Warpaint
Dan Black / The xx (2 great bands at the same time again!! grr!)
Grizzly Bear
Spoon / Edward Sharpe
Cut Copy

Day 3:
The Antlers
The Dodos
Blitzen Trapper
Freelance Whales
Frightened Rabbit
The National
Arcade Fire

Well that's my list. Did any of you get to go to Lolla? If so, what shows did you go to & how were they? I've only heard really really good things about this year's festival, wish I was there... *sighs*

Currently Spinning: Freelance Whales - Generator^ 1st Floor


  1. Great fashion picks. As for the music, wow - I need to get more with it.

  2. Beautiful items! I love them.


  3. nice picks, fashion & music.

  4. Ahh, i love the collage that you created! I miss doing these but they take up sooo much time. lol.

  5. JESSICA! I found your blog on FB...you look great in all of these pictures. so I finally started my own. if you wanna check it out- hope your having a great time in China-

    check it out if you want. its too fresh- made it today haha


    ---miss ya---Rupal [from nyc =)

  6. i would want to see stars yeasayer and warpaint .. but im not much into the other bands .. theres too much hype sometimes.. i like phoenix though

    good choice on the festival looks

  7. I've Been Hearing So Much About This, I Have No Idea What It Is.

  8. I went to Lolla!!! It was amazing, but so incredible hot. And so many girls looked so cute but I was way too steamy to worry about cuteness. The greatest concert was edward sharpe. Amazing.
    Went to alot of concerts but it was almost impossible to try to see two going on at the same time, day 2 and 3 you couldn't get near the stages by hundreds of ft. But it was incredible. Love the looks, too bad I don't have that cute of clothes!