sometimes I can't believe it, I'm moving past the feeling

( H&M denim blouse , J.Crew ruffle tank, vintage belt, shorts from random chinese store, Michael Kors heels )

I've been trying to experiment more with my camera but the unbearbly humid weater and the fact that I'm stuck in an office during daylight hours does not help matters. So I'm confined to shooting in my house, and I shoot with a tripod, so, there's only so much I can do. Sorry for the boring photos. They'll get better when I get back to the states, and have my awesome photographer friends around. =)

I'm really loving super light fabrics for summer - everything from sheer silks to light linens sets my heart a-flutter. Also, skirt-esque shorts are my newest wardrobe must-have. I'm in the market for an awesome pair of flat sandals, the ones I bought in nyc last summer are getting ruined - but I can't bear to toss them aside.

I finally got my hands on some Chanel temporary tattoos, and I'm completely obsessed with my set. They're amazing and really good quality Though be warned - they will make you want to stop showering so you can keep your tattoo on for that much longer. Haha. Not to worry, I still shower on a regular basis. I just don't look foward to it. Oh, and here's a little something I did out of boredom...

PS. The new Arcade Fire album is GREAT. I've been listening to it non-stop, it's even spinning as I type. I'm working on an album review for, will let you know when it goes up. In the meantime, LISTEN. LISTEN. LISTEN.

Music: Arcade Fire | Sprawl II


  1. Great outfit!!!

  2. Ha ha that's funny that you mentioned skirt like shorts. I just ranted about my new pair of those a few posts ago.

    Pretty outfit!

  3. you look great, i love this outfit =)
    and the nice pictures!

  4. babe,where did u get the tatoos?i want too..been searching for it