Recap: Paris Fashion Week

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in updates, it appears that I've been struck down with swine and thus have been confined to my bed in pjs for the past few days (no cute outfits guys, sorry). But I'm feeling slightly better today, so here is the promised recap from Paris fashion week!

First, I must say that this whole experience has been absolutely surreal, and I'm still trying to convince myself that I actually attended the shows. I feel unbelievably lucky and I'm very excited to share my experience with you guys!

A collection of photos from Paris Fashion Week - sorry these are so blurry, you don't get the best pics from the third row! Haha. Sadly at some shows, it was impossible to get a decent photograph. But here's what I managed.

Also, check out my awesome feature on The Trim! Thanks Rachel!


  1. great pictures! i'm so jealous! lol i just started a blog about fashion for those of us on a budget :P do you mind checking it out sometime. thanks

  2. wow what a graet show i like those light sticks... looke great. how are the from ?

  3. you must be having the best time in Paris! I am so so envious. Send me a fresh croissant? And a cute french man?
    The collections both look great, what a cool experience to say you went to PFW! xx

  4. Thanks for this little peek into Paris Fashion week that I otherwise would not see. Your photos are fine!

  5. Awh I hope you're feeling better! Looking forward to seeing more pictures! x

  6. I see you haven't been posting lately but please tell us some curious experience about Paris Fashion Week!

    Thanks! :)