Inspired: Cowboys & Indians

(images from weheartit, tfs, shopbop, topshop, and polyvore)

I think I have multiple personality disorder. Currently I'm obsessed (on one hand) with everything Texas Cowboy giving off that carefree all-american rugged ranger attitude. I crave light denims, cowboy hats, harness boots, and ofcourse destroyed cutoffs. But then I'm also in love with all items that channel Pocahantas, and exude a more spiritual feel - fringe suede bags, feather accessories, bright earthy prints, and ofcourse, tie dye. Thus I was torn between making a Wild Wild West collage and a Neon Indian one.

Bah! But why should I choose? So I combined both of them into one and I think they compliment eachother very nicely. Tis the summmer to mix worn denim jackets with a tribal print dress and a studded fringe cross-body. Or why not don a tie dye dress with a pair of embellished cowboy boots? I think doing a DIY tie dye project is going to be on the top of my list when I get back to the US.


  1. I totally get the multipersonality fashion cravings. My problem is often that I want to look funky and girly at the same time. Or wear vintage and converse.

    Nice inspiration collage.

    Christy of Dress Rehearsal

  2. Great inspiration... I feel the same way but I love the hippie look too!


  3. Love that!it is so amazing.

    love to see you in my blog too -


  4. those brown boots... are perfect. LUSTING this collage :)

  5. Love it! I'm currently road tripping it across the U.S.A. and this totally goes with my most recent post :)