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I want to be at a music festival more than anything. Prehaps its the lure of summer, and the thought of dancing into the night without a care in the world, losing yourself in the elusive sounds. I did a little collage of my favorite festivals around the world - I have yet to attend all of them, but these festivals have kickass line-ups from year to year. I've always wanted to go to Glastonbury, the 5-day king of all music festivals, but never found the time/money to fly all the way out there for a week. One day. The Pitchfork festival is going on in Chicago right now, too bad I'm on the other side of the world, for Chicago is a mere 4 hour drive from my home in Michigan. But I'm hearing lots of good things about it. I was actually introduced to Primavera Sound (in Barcelona) through a friend I met while studying in Paris. I booked my tickets immediately after looking at the awesome lineup (the xx, the Pixies, Wilco, Matt & Kim, Grizzly Bear, etc.). I saw lots of really great bands and it was phenomenal.

For a music-lover, there's nothing like the feeling of getting new music. I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview the boys from Them:Youth, a hip 4-man indie rock band hailing from West London. Them:Youth first came on my radar when I saw them on We All Want Someone To Shout For, one of my favorite music blogs. I was more than estatic when they contacted me and offered to give an exclusive track to all my readers! Fever Rising, which is not scheduled to be released until August, is the artful mix of garage band rock and britpop vocals, and it's thrilling bassline keeps you dancing all night long!

Well, what are you waiting for? Give them a listen:

So here it is, my exclusive interview with Them:Youth, enjoy!

How did your band start?
It was a college thing first of all really.. just playing some parties to friends and then escualting from there.. we have always had a firm belief that we have something special

Who are your most prominent musical influences?
Our influences seem to be changing like the wind at the moment.. we listen to anything from the Rolling Stones to DJ Shadow to the Brian Jonestown Massacre and a whole lot inbetween.. finding other new music is a big thing for us..

Favorite spot in London?
Got to say Richmond Upon Thames as its where we spend the majority of our time.. its also got some history with the Rolling Stones being the house band at the Crawdaddy Club there at the start of there career...

British style has always been heavily influenced by music - as a band, how would you describe yours?
I would say we are male divas.. style and image are a major part of what we do.. I think it will get more flamboyant as we go which iam excited about.. love the Brian Jones mid/late sixties look...

Best places to shop in London?
Carnaby Street is still close to our hearts with its sense of nostalgia.. I would say Liberty's is the best shop in London just a shame we can't afford to shop there lol...

Favorite music festival?
Rock en Seine in Paris.. the Parisians do it with style

If you could pick 5 bands to headline at your own music festival who would they be?
Brian Jonestown Massacre
Chemical Brothers
Rolling Stones
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

The National Gallery houses some really amazing art, who's your favorite artist in there?
Pablo Picasso all the way.. think we relate to his art.. shame he's not around to do our sleeve...

You've released a lot of amazing singles, do you have an album in the works? If so, when can we expect it?
Yes... album is on the way hopefully in the new year.. it feels like we have been locked in the studio forever.. we can't wait for the world to hear the outcome.. we are very proud boys..

Do you guys have plans to come to our side of the pond? If so, where would you want to go first?
Hopefully we can get over very soon .. would love to get round the States.. think it would have to be NYC first as we are big fans of Sex and the City... then onto somewhere warm me thinks..

I'm absolutely smitten with Them:Youth and I can't wait to hear more from this talented foursome! I'll leave you with their video for Fever Rising & a bonus remix:


  1. Nice post!

  2. how interesting ... male divas.. lol

  3. Thanks for the post. I enjoy music festivals myself and I have been to Coachella for the past 4 years, and will continue to go every year.