I love the dark.

YAY!! My finals are OFFICALLY DONEE. And I have some exciting news indeed! First, I've started blogging for Fashionindie.com - the most up-to-date fashion news source on the web. You can see my posts here! Second...
I'm going to PARIS next semester!!!!
so be on the lookout for much more street style pics and coverage from Paris fashion week!!

Okay so this isn't an official beauty post because I know absolutely nothing about makeup, but I am so so in love with this season's dark lip! I've tried on a few and my favorite is this lovely deep plum, Cyber by M.A.C. I'm too whimpy for black lipstick, but I admire anyone who is willing to give it a go.

In other news - I finally caved and purchased Sam Edelman Zoe boots. Also bought the american apparrel lace leotard. Yeah. finals ruin my bank account. Impulsive retail therapy = baddd.


  1. gorgeous photos!!! :)


  2. great news gal. first nyc now paris. you are really globe trotting. n the dark lips look great on you.

  3. Hey babe, I saved my french celly for you if you want to grab it next time I'm in Ann Arbor (probably next month or so) over a coffee date, I'll give it to you for a soy latte at Zingerman's and a Vogue at Borders which we will, of course, pour over together.

    Date? Because I also must wow you with more Lady Gaga details.

  4. These photos are gorgeous.

    You're so lucky that you're going to Paris.

  5. that color looks soo good on you! wear it everyday!! have fun in Paris!

  6. Wow, that's so fabulous that you're going to Paris Fashion Week!!!! Love the dark lips!